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Saturday, 7 May 2011

May 7th Updates + Martyr in Taiz

Organizing Committee of the People's & Youth revolution calls Washington and the European Union to stop the negative interference against the will of the Yemeni people
Organizing Committee of the People's & Youth revolution announces transition to the final stages of the peaceful revolution i.e. esclation
Taiz: Security forces fire live bullets on a peaceful march in Alma'afer. Reports of protesters wounded and in a serious condition
Civil disobedience paralyzes business in the provinces of Yemen
Zayani confirms that no changes were made to the GCC initiative.
Masdar:The assassination of the Director of Agricultural Bank in Aldale'a. JMP and the local council condemn the crime.
 Taiz: One martyr and 16 injured due to security forces firing live bullets on a peaceful march. Name of martyr from Taiz today: Mohammed Abdulrahim Al-Senwi, 16 years old, Ma'afir- Taiz, May 7th
Names of injured in Taiz today:
- Taha Abdo Taha, 12 years old, shot in the thigh
- Nabeel Riyadh Abdulhameed, 10 years old, live bullet
- Bushra Abdullah, light injury
- Baleegh Mohammed Ali, 13 years old
- Samid Abdullah, 17 years old
- Hadi Afeef Mowafiq
- Mohammed Haza'a
- Sami Ghailan
- Montaser Mahyoub
- Hussien Abdurahman
- Nabeel Mohammed Haza'a
- Makeen Saif Qasim
Taiz : Security forces assault female students in the faculty of Arts
Taiz : A march would start in a few minutes from the Freedom Square to condemn the assault committed by the security forces against students of the Faculty of Arts of Taiz university, and the assault against the students of Alamaafer who had a martyr this morning
Resounding fall of the regime in Yemen predicted in a few days
Dr. Azzam Tamimi: Yemeni revolution have succeeded so far and the regime will collapse although the GCC initiatives attempt to terminate the revolution.
 Child in Ibb tells Ali Saleh we wont leave!
Pro-Saleh supporters leave the square as soon as they recieve their money- guy with mic is begging them to stay for 10 more minutes 
Now: Mass march in Taiz condemning the crimes, rejecting the Gulf initaitive and demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh
Thousands of parents and teachers protested today in front of the Office of Education in Ibb and Taiz against the early timing for examinations for the students
Berlin: Yemeni Youth are calling the German Foreign Ministry to pressure the Yemeni regime to stop killing its own people.
President Ali Abdullah Saleh met here on Saturday with the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General's Political Advisor Gamal bin Omar.
Civil disobediance in Yemen succeeded fully in Aden, Lahj and Taiz today and partially in Sana'a and other cities
US drone attack in Yemen ‘missed’ al-Awlaki:
Officials say strike targeted but failed to kill US-Yemeni cleric, who is said to be linked to Al-Qaeda.
Mass marches in Change Square of Sana'a supporting Al-Ma'afer & Al-Wazeeya in Taiz condemning the regime crimes and demanding its immediate departure
News of gunshots now close to Freedom Square in Taiz from the south side (Al-Shaab School)
Waleed Al-Remethi (poet) refuses to charge the Youth or the Opposition of cutting his tongue.
Security forces arrest and attack students from inside their college in Taiz

 Release of Abdulhafed Mujeb after being arrested yesterday; they questioned him if he worked for Qatar, went through his personal belongings and then released him and he is now in Hodeidah
Ali Nasser and Al-Atas praise the unity of the Yemeni people, North and South to overthrow the regime and Saleh. They were really impressed by the name of the last Friday, "Loyalty to the South". Al-Atas was prime minister after Yemen was united and Ali Nasser was president of south before unity- both known figures of southern movement.
A thank you statement was issued by the late President Ali Nasser Mohammed and Prime Minister Haidar Abu Bakr Al-Atas regarding Friday, Loyalty to the South.

Text of the statement:
Oh youth revolution in Sana'a, Aden, Taiz, Mukalah and in all the Squares of Freedom and Change in Yemen. Oh masses of our people that are protesing in the Freedom and Change Square by millions since 3 months ago demanding to overthrow Ali Abdullah Saleh's corrupted regime. We salute your steadfastness and patience in spite of all the violence, cruelty and murder that was practiced by the repressive regime against your peaceful revolution and legitimate protests; we salute the martyrs who died for freedom and change and we ask mercy for them from Allah Almighty. As we also ask for a fast recovery for all the injured and wounded and freedom for all detainees in prisons and detention cells of the fallen regime. Oh youth revolution, Oh masses of our people wherever you are, we salute you and appreciate your attitudees and solidarity on this day with your brothers in the south in this blessed Friday, that you called Friday: Loyalty to the South. These people who suffered and still are suffering of injustice and excessive cruelty and confiscation of their libery and their rights, and ruthlessness, murder and pursuit and arrest of its militants and the displacement of it's people and plunder its wealth and the liquidation of its acheivements and revolution since the war in summer of 1994 by Ali Saleh's regime. History will record that the southern and the percious sacrifices of people in the south since 2007; it was the one who began the flame that stretched into all the cities of Yemen in a youth revolution under one slogan, to overthrow the regime. This was before the start of the youth revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. This is how the Yemeni people united in the north and south under one goal to overthrow Ali Saleh's corrupted regime and his departure; united the people of Yemen from end to end to acoomplish this historical task. Your stand in solidarity today in Friday, Loyalty to the South means a lot. It means that you feel the suffering of your brothers in the south and what they are exposed to from oppression and injustice, it means that the suffering of our people in the south and north is the same facing the same injustice and cruelty that united in all arenas of Yemen to drop it and you, youth revolution will acheive it; in this historical even, you will celebrate victory soon. I hold you tightly and I applaud your patience and your determination and urge you to continue your great revolution in the same peaceful spirit that has stunned the world which views it with admiration and appreciation for a community that is described as tribal and armed and confess that the community is great, secure and wise.
Greetings to you,
President: Ali Nasser Mohammed
Prime Minister: Haidar Abu Bakr Al-Atas
Protesters in front of Education Office in Ibb on May 7th chanting "No studying, no teaching. until the fall of the president"; "No studying, no exams, leaving is the last choice"

Sana'a protesting

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