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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Amnesty International on Human Rights in Yemen + 2 reports on human rights of "Akhdam" section of population

Here are links to the articles and an excerpt of each is below.

Amnesty International Report on Yemen
Moment of Truth for Yemen 3 INTRODUCTION “The shooting started from different buildingsaround the same time and continued for morethan 30 minutes.” An eyewitness describing to Amnesty International an attack on a protest camp in Sana'a on 18 March 2011 which reportedly left52 people dead. The first few months of 2011 have seen a rapid deterioration in the human rights situation inYemen. The most shocking manifestation of this has been the brutal repression of protestscalling for reform, and increasingly for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to stand down, fuelled byfrustration at corruption, unemployment and repression of freedoms in the country and partlyinspired by events in Tunisia and Egypt. Scores of protesters have been killed and hundredsinjured after security forces have repeatedly used live ammunition to break updemonstrations

Situation of Al-Akhdam in Yemen by All Youth Network for Society Development

May 2011 The All Youth Network for Society Development in association with the International DalitSolidarity Network (IDSN) is pleased to submit this parallel report on the occasion of the review of Yemen to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) at its 46th session.The report focuses specifically on the human rights situation of the Al-Akhdam community inYemen, a situation which has been addressed by the Committee in the List of Issues
For centuries the Al-Akhdam has suffered perpetual discrimination, persecution and ensuing crimesat Yemens most marginal social, economic, and political spaces where they are violently excludedfrom mainstream society as an untouchable ethnic outcaste. 3Local folklore proverbs, inherited over generations, have helped isolating the Akhdam socially andhave enhanced enhanced apartheid-like differences.
Alternative Report submitted to the Committee on Economic,Social and Cultural Rights in the context of the review of thesecond periodic report of Yemen by Hood human rights organization.
Situation of Akhdam in Yemen -
98% of Akhdam children enrolled in school never reach 3rd grade in secondary school. In basiceducation the percentage of school dropouts among Akhdam children is 87%. These alarminglyhigh numbers result from various factors. Firstly, for many Akhdam families education does notrank highest on the priority list, as the primary concerns of these families are basics such as water,electricity and employment. Secondly, due to the poor economic situation of Akhdam familiesmany children are begging or working instead of attending school in order to contribute to the family income. Thirdly, Akhdam families often live in remote areas of the cities areas that werenot meant for dwelling in the first place. This means that the distance to government schools can be extremely long. Finally, Akhdam children that do attend school experience extensive discriminationfrom the side of both teachers and other students

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