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Sunday, 15 May 2011

May 14, 15th updates

http://www.إخبارية.net/index.php/2011/05/15/10260.html Hood organization says mass graves found in Yemen

Y-E-N : Medical sources at the military hospital in Sana'a revealed that dozens of bodies were taken out of the hospital's refrigerator and transferred to unknown locations in an attempt to hide evidence of the crimes committed by security forces against peaceful demonstrators.

Principal firing bullets on students in Taiz May 14-

Principle of Al-Nahada School in Jabal Hebshi in Taiz fires live bullets on the students when they decided to protest inside of the school chanting "How do I learn, How do I study, when the people and the martyrs mothers are in pain" 

School Test in Dhamar: (says below in Red "The People want Ali Abdullah Saleh to be president

200 Republican Guards join protesters change square March 15

Yemeni women march in support of Palestinians and Nabka

Youth in Aden are inviting everyone to participate in the Eighty Million Fasting People for breaking their fast in Al-MalaaSquare, for May 16. Will have evening prayer in front of Taj Keneya Hotel.


Taiz -women's protest- video!/video/video.php?v=1356840497830&oid=115003571873751&comments
Group member reports: guys the day and night we were under attack (Weds) most of our nighberhood's houses inculding mine recieved bulits . in my home 4 of them.

Cause they wanted us to hoot back and make a chaos, but no one of us gave them that chance
Two martyrs have joined the martyrs convoy of the peaceful youth revolution of Yemen on Saturday May 13th 2-11 due to their severe wounds.

Moath Mohammed Sa'ad was shot by security forces on Tuesday, April 19th by live bullets during a march to the 60th St. He was transfered to Science and Technology University Hospital in the ICU section until he died this day. This raises the death toll of that march to 6 martyrs.

Martyr Khaled Najee Al-Shahidi, passed away  yesterday after Maghrib prayer in Sana'a. Khaled owns a motorcyle which is his daily income for him and his family. As we have seen motorcyle effects during the revolution and how they transfer the wounded to the hospitals, Khaled was never late in helping out. On Wednesday's Sana'a Massacre, Khaled was shot in his abdomen while hospitalizing an injured protester, instead he got hospitalized to Azal Hospital and was in the ICU until he passed away. Khaled's wounds were severe that he passed away on Saturday May 14th leaving behind a young wife and a 10 days old son. This raises the death toll of Wednesday Massacre to 14 martyrs.

 Old man beaten to death on April 13 in Ibb

Another old man said he was forced to testify he was the old man who died in Ibb
May 15
UN Security council says Yemen not an important issue. Report initiated by Germany but vetoed by whom they called "the usual suspects" likely China and Russia

Another bloody day in Taiz; witness said that ammunition was distributed to security forces and armed men in civilian clothes to attack the peaceful protesters in Jamal St. After the protesters were attacked and injured they headed towards the Oil Company and the Civil Services Office in Jamal St and closed it down after security forces opened it this morning. Security forces then attacked the protesters again by live ammunition, water cannons and gas bombs as well as snipers from rooftops. More reinforcements of Republican Guards arrived to the scene and started chasing the protesters in the neighborhoods close to Freedom Square. This attack resulted in a martyr and 16 protesters injured by live bullets, 6 of them are in critical condition. Reports by witnesses say that Fawaz Mohammed Ahmad Al-Shameri was shot dead today in Jamal St. in Taiz and his body was abducted by security forces right away.
After the deadly attacks that lasted for 3 hours using heavy weapons, once again, youth in Taiz regain control of Jamal St.
Updates: 35 protesters were shot by live bullets and hospitalized, 3 of them are in critical condition- clinical death. 
Names of some of the injured that arrived to the Field Hospital and Al-Safwa Hospital in Taiz today:
- Hisham Abdulsalam- shot in the thigh
- Mohammed Abdulraoof- shot in the knee
- Ahmad Mohammed Salam- shot in the knee (critical condition)
- Ramzi Saif Abdullah- shot in the head (very critical condition)
- Wadah Mohammed Hizam- wounded in the chest
- Adel Mahyoob Mohammed- wounded in the right shoulder
- Issa Mohammed Shaher- shot in the right leg
- Osama Abdullah Saeed- shot in the right leg (18 years old)
- Farooq Abdullah Saeed- shot in the left thigh (15 years old)
- Abdu Othman Al-Athwari- shot in the left leg (35 years old)

Gunmen on Top of Building

Security Reinforcements
Graphic: Injured protesters in hospital
Heavy gunfire and injures
Attacks on protesters
Attacks + youth chanting: Oh youth of Captial,  we want a resolution night
Photos: Graphic:



Due to the continuous violent attacks on the peaceful protesters in all the different Squares around Yemen, the youth revolution have decided that this is the final step of the revolution, their escalation will be as follows:

Sana'a: Marching and expansion to Al-Ribat St. and gaining control of it.

Aden: Marching towards the Presidential Palace.
Taiz: They're promising on taking different steps that will confuse the regime in the coming days.

Also, many of the youth have promised us surprises that will bring joy and happiness to all the great Yemenis.

Statement: United Youth Change Forum- Aden
Saturday May 14th 2011

Due to the square developments and the continuous massacres by Ali Saleh and his regime on the peaceful protesters, the youth have decided to move on to the last step of the revolution by peaceful escalation and resolution. The United Youth Change Forum of Aden have started a campiagn of different escalation methods starting from tomorrow, Sunday May 15th 2011:

1. An angry mass march tomorrow, Sunday May 15th calling to overthrow the regime and Saleh and trail them. Also a call to march to the presidential palace which will start from Tawahee area from in front of Fatah at 4:00pm.
2. Organize a conference by the Youth revolution to discuss the following:
- The southern Case from the view of the youth in Aden.
- How the youth view the modern civilized country.


Sana'a: Tents are being placed at the beginning of the security barrier in Ribat St in Sana'a. More people are joining to place more tents.
JMP leaders refuse to meet Al-zayani before Saleh accepts to sign the agreement of April

Taiz : Closing down the government office in Same'a
Taiz : Protesters have got almost full control of the city and closed down almost all the govt. offices
Sana'a : Another stage of escalation started in Sana'a, youth are gathering by the entrance of Alrebat Street 
Russia rejects any foregin intervention in Yemen's situation. The Russian Ambassador confirmed his country's position rejecting any international intervention. 
An arresting campagin taking place in Jamal St. of the peaceful protesters.
Closure of most of the government offices in Taiz through the escalation campaign of overthrowing the regime.
Aden: Dismisal of AbdulKarim Shaif from presidency of the GCP branch in Aden after his inability of organizing rallies supporting Ali Saleh, appionting Mahdi AbdulSalam instead of him.
Resignation of officers and commanders and soldiers from the Republican Guards in the platform of the Change Square of Sana'a
Foreign Minister AbuBakr Al-Qerbi looking the efforts to support the Gulf initative to resolve the Yemeni crisis with the ambassadors in Sana'a 
Three students got injured by security forces live bullets today in Aden when they were marching a peaceful student march this morning demanding to stop studying and to overthrow the regime
Attorney-General releases the murderers of Dignity Friday (March 18th Massacre) where 52 martyrs fell -by very high direction 
March began in the Change Square in solidarity with Palestine and the youth chanting "Oh cursed Zionist, we are coming"
Over 100 Republican Guards have joined the revolution from the Change Square platform

Friday in Ibb: beating an old man until death

Continuous protesting by the students of Ibb University and marching inside of the campus condemning the massacres that the regime is commiting and demanding its immediate departure and trial.

Regime thugs fire live bullets and destroy Shiekh Hameed Al-Shaheri's car because he joined the revolution.
Last Wednesday when they marched towards the PMC
The CCRYC Youth right now completed placing 10 new tents and expanded in Al-Ribat St.
Shabwa's escalation march
Taiz: Security forces start a campaign of mass arrests on the protesters in Taiz in Jamal Street .
Hudaidah : In a move to escalate protests, the youth of Hodeidah cut Sana'a Street which is one of the main streets of Hodeidah
CCYRC : After the weakness of clusters and coordinations and the Organizing committee, The Coordination Counsel of the Youth Revolution of change continue the escalation by expanding tents and reach the round of Hayel Street. 
Protest in Maweya Taiz 
Taiz : Youth of Revolution in Taiz call for a mass march of millions tomorrow in another step towards the new escalation in the city and therefore we call all young people in Taiz to attend the rally tomorrow, which kicks off from Sinan round near Freedom Square Taiz.
Organizational Committee of change square in Sana'a supports the escalation of the CCYRC - expanding the sit-in with tents at Alrebatt Street -
Sana'a: Change Square in Solidarity with Palestine.
Sana'a: Female march in Change Square in Solidarity with Palestine
‎500 thousand to act as if he is someone else (Al-Aromi, the old man that passed away). Yemen National TV asked him to go on TV and pretend that he was Al-Aromi and he was still alive and not dead; he refused.
Youth in Aden are inviting everyone to participate in the Eighty Million Fasting People for breaking their fast in Al-Moala Square. As they are calling them to participate in a march after Esha prayer that will start from Moala Square in front of Taj Keneya Hotel.
Participate with us in our resolution week and the escalation steps of our peaceful revolution to restore Aden's prestige and restore the revolutions title.

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