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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Taiz Under Attack Part 2- May 29+30 (Graphic Photos)

Aljanady to AJA : Before Al-Ma'amari speaks about the president, he must know that it was the president who made him be a member in the House of Representatives, so he should be thankful to His Excellency the President!!
News reporter interrupted saying : "But doesn't that put a question about the integrity of this elections??"
MP Ali Al Ma'amari: No one scares Yemenis more than the presence of Ali Saleh in power. Al Qaeda does not scare us, because it exists only in Ali's mind
Tia : Very violent assaults continue and attempts to break into the freedom square are still going on.
Hearing of heavy explosion now in Sana'a. Source unknown yet
Heavy clashes and bombing by Saleh militias in Hasaba for the past half hour.
Tens are wounded and one in critical condition-shot in the head when security forces fired live bullets on protesters near Freedom Square in Taiz moments ago
Hospital in Taiz full of injured 
Two cannon explosions from Nuqom mountain- heard very close to change square of Sana'a
Masdar: Continuous powerful explosions in Hasaba, Sa'a round close to Sheikh Al-Ahmar house
Burning some of the tens with incinerator bombs and gas bombs inside the heart of the Field hospital of Taiz
VERY heavy explosion in Hasaba shakes Sana'a
Sanaa NOW: Explosion #12 is just heard now. A journalist said he saw military vehicles with rockets near Hasaba today.
Security at this moment entered Freedom Square in Taiz- outbreak of fire inside the Square
Three officiers of Central Security join the revolution after handing their weapons to the youth where the attack is taking place by Republican Guards now in Taiz
Gas bombs are used very heavily in Taiz- very bad affects, impact on eyes to the degree of difficulty of vision 
Suhail: Central Security who were supposed to break into Freedom Square in Taiz announce joining the revolution from the platform.
Hadramout: clashes between gunmen and security forces in the road between Shahir and Gail Bawazir and reports of casualties.
Hadramout: Warplanes in the skies of Dayes Al-Sharqeya and news of an army helicopter crashes- sources did not identify attackers.
AJA: Youth in Taiz arrest one of the soldiers and demand the release of their friends.
Armed thugs firing live bullets on protesters from buildings and rooftops- VERY CLEAR 
Hadramout: 8 soldiers killed by gunmen in Gail Bawazir in a landmine blast- clashes by mortar right now
Today navy participated in the bombing of Zanjibar city
Sources to AJA: Security forces is bombing areas in Arhab- south of Sanaa
Saleh's militias shotting live bullets and gas bombs as well as hot water on protesters in Taiz and the youth are repsonding by bare chests and stones.
Shooting inside of the main camp of Republican Gaurds where Ahmed Ali Saleh is available at.
All guarding towers in Sama'a camp in Arhab have been bomed after they bombed citizens in Arhab south of Sanaa
Abyan: Renewed rocket attacks and artillery on Abyan and this time using a new weapon: marine.
Taiz: bulldozers are gathering at the outskirts of Freedom Square in Taiz in preparation to break into it.
Bulldozers are starting to remove barriers at the entrances of Freedom Square in Taiz
Marib Press: Tribes loyal to the revolution bombed the 62nd Republican Guard Brigade and blew all its towers;brigade surrenders.
yahya abu usbaa to AJA: No voice is louder then the voice of the youths and the JMP is under the youths leadership. The youth activists in all the ''squares'' will finalize the revolutionary battle and we the JMP will be under the ''squares'' leadership.!
Masdar: Youth in Freedom Square in Taiz are directing an appeal to the "free" people to go to Freedom Square for adocacy and preventing security to penetrate it.
Breaking into Freedom Square in Taiz right now- very heavy gunfire and fall of barriers, fire everywhere!
Breaking into Freedom Square from all directions by bulldozers and fire everywhere- heavy shotting from Cario Directorate
witness in Taiz city to AJA (aljazeera):Bulldozers are headed towards liberty square..!!
Security forces and armed gunmen fire from Al-Majedi Hotel from the center of Freedom Square in Taiz
Flee of women and children from Al-Bilad, Al-Asmat, Azlti, Sha'ab and Hazl villages in Arhab because of the random bombing by Republican Guards and Central Security on the citizens.
Shooting has been been heard in ''Alsawaad" Republican camp,armored vehicles and personnel carriers have been stopped from entering to the capital...!!
AJA: Burning of some camps in Freedom Square in Taiz now
Taiz city::Many injured youths,tents are being burnt.
Youth are trying to suppress the fire and the regime is committing real war in an attempt to exterminate the youth
Breaking into the Freedom Square of Taiz from the east entrance close to Agriculture Bank, heavy gunfire on the Hotel that exists inside the square as well as burning tents. The youth are still facing military crews and reports of dozens wounded.
Dalaa city:: fighting with small power arms,and military sites that are stationed at Dar-Alhayd are bombing the city with absolutely no reason..!
Heavy gunfire using light and heavy weapons in Taiz from different directions
Political Analyst: Jamal Al-Maleki: What happened in Taiz today will be an important factor in the resolution of the revolution.
Protesters in Freedom Square of Taiz appeal to the world to HELP!
Taiz: Military governor Qairan vows to kill tens of the youth and said that he does not care about that. His companions have pointed out to turn off electricity but he refused and said that he doesn't care about Al-Jazeera or the world's opinion or who transports live images to the world.
Mass marches in Sheikh Othman, Aden in Noor Square condemning the terrorism by Saleh's forces in Taiz
Continuous gunfire after it stopped for 5 minutes; randomly shooting using heavy weapons and smoke is rising from the far eastern side.
Republican guard camp in arhaab village just bombed the houses of MP Mansour alhanak and sayf ali mohammed alshami..!!!
One of the Mosques in liberty square ''Taiz'' has opend its outside speakers and someone inside is yelling outloud...GOD is Great..GOD is Great..!
Youth in Taiz appeal to the nation army to protect them from a massacre perpetrated against them by Saleh's forces and his thugs.
Air defense of Iraa village in Hamdan is randomly bombing the village..!
Security forces burn tents in Freedom Square of Taiz 
Tribal sources to Masdar: Al-Fareega camp belonging to Republican guards falls in the hands of tribes in Arhab, North of Sana'a. Al-Sama camp bombed Fareega camp after it was controled by tribes.
Witness and AJA: Bulldozer ran over one of the youth in Freedom Square
Marib Press reporter::The 61st Republican Brigade joins the 26th republican brigade at Fareeja to fire missles at the villages below..!
Statement: JMP condemns the continuing attacks on the peaceful protesters in Taiz and holds Ali Saleh personally responsible for his crimes against the Yemeni people; renew its appeal to the international community to intervene.
Salehs thugs and security forces gather at the southern entrance of liberty square in Taiz,and heavily firing at the youth activists.!!!
GRAPHIC: Injured protester in Al-Safwa Hospital 
Security forces in Taiz have prevented citizens from exiting there houses;fear of them joining the youth activists in liberty square..!
Violent clashes still continuous in Hasaba in Sana'a until now- sounds of gunfire
Youth appeal to the neighboring countries, European Union and the United States to take all measures to stop the crimes committted by the regime against them.
Field hospital in Libert Square'' Taiz'' is appealing for all medical personnell to join there fellow doctors in the field..!
Renewed clashes between Salehs forces and Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmars followers at ''Alhasaba" zone..!
Masdar: Sheikh Hussien Al-Aji Al-Awadi condemns the massacre in Taiz and calls for the formation of a public national army whose mission is to address Saleh's crimes and his thugs.
Suspicious movement of armored vehicles in Moala near Change Square in the main street in Aden.
Ain news:::Part of Safer gas station just blew up,smoke is filling the sky,and fear of the whole gas station exploding..
Shara'ab and Mikhlaf tribes are moving towards Freedom Square of Taiz to support their brothers there.
Arhaab Tribe blocks of Salehs thugs whom where on there way to loot and spread fear between the people...!
Field Hospital in Taiz appeals to doctors to GO to Freedom Square to help save the wounded protesters.
Invasion of ALL of Liberty Square in Taiz with Salehs thugs and security forces; fire is eveywhere and people are screaming for help.
Masdar: Sheikh Al-Aji Al-Awadi, one of the leaders of the alliance of Mareb and Jawf tribes: I call on all the Yemenis in the different cities to address the various military units stationsed in their areas to join the revolution and if any military units do not respons they must be surrounded and forced to give up weapons.
Many mosques in Taiz city at this moment have just opend there outside speakers and are playing the Quran..!!
Freedom Square gettin invaded by Saleh's thugs and security forces 
Tribal Sources: Al-Samaa camp is bombing randomly on Arhab north of Sana'a
Fire near Al-Kawthar University and close to Inter-Parliamentary Sultian Al-Samee house
Families living close to Safer Station come out to the streets and warn Saleh's militias of any explosion for the station if they acted stupid and bombed its surroundings.
Break into Al-Safwa hospital in Taiz and reports of kidnapping the injured
Large explosioin shakes Hasaba 10 minutes ago
A large number of martyrs and dozens wounded on the ground- couldn't know their condition as blood covers their bodies and first aid cant reach them in Taiz
Masdar: Very powerful explosions in Hasaba north Sana'a and continuous violent clashes
Mareb Press: Yemeni Foreign minister is heading tomorrow to UAE to meet with Khalifa Bin Zayed to discuss an honorable way to sign the Gulf Initiative
Attempts to break into the field hospital of Freedom Square in Taiz that has many injured and medical staff surrounded after Al-Safwa Hospital was surrounded and injured were kidnapped.
Explosions in Hasaba seems like a result of bombing
Burning the remainder of the tents in Freedom Square in Taiz by security forces
Suspicious movements of security in Sana'a refers to attempts to break in Change Square of Sana'a
Witnesses: Saleh's militias under supervision of Qirain stole the contents of the tents, phones, TVs, Laptops before burning them.
Youth are trapped inside the old school (close to Freedom Square, media center is inside) along with many martyrs
Cars got burned, gas station got bombed, things got looted, thugs broke into Safwa Hospital and attempted to break into Field Hospital, martyrs and injured got kidnapped and gunfire is still continuous
Mareb Press: 101 Infantry Brigade bombed areas in Arhab in an attempt to help save Brigade 26 Republican Guard
Reports confirm that there are a number of protesters who got burnt during burning their tents by security forces who attacked Freedom Square- especially elderly who could not escape from fire.
Taiz today during the attack 
Quran is playing in all of Taiz's mosques to support the protesters in Freedom Square
Attacking protesters in Taiz by Security Forces- call on AJA.
- We are being attacked brutally.
- Protesters only have their bare chests.
- It is not an invasion attempt it is a MURDER attempt.
- Protesters swore they will not LEAVE this sit-in, saying "If they want to take over, they'll have to run us over"
‎                          - We are holding on, and we will not give up.
- Injured are falling one after the other, we can't keep up with the number.
- Hospital are full and no space for more injured protesters- hospitals full of blood.
- Taiz is the heart of the revolution, Saleh didn't forget this. We've been continuous attacks since 4pm. Every two minutes we get a gas bomb thrown at us, we've been attacked by all kinds of weapons.
Security forces are transferring injured and dead bodies from Freedom Square to Al-Thawra General Hospital
Bulldozers began their work now in crushing everything in Freedom Square of Taiz
Explosion shakes Sana'a now and reports that First Armored Division is being attacked by mortar bombs- at least two so far
Arabia: Security forces are performing a campaign of arrests of protesters in Taiz
Power cut in field hospital of Freedom Square in Taiz, doctors and injured inside appeal to tribes to quickly rescue them from a real massacre committed by Saleh
Freedom Square in Taiz on fire by Saleh's security forces and thugs 
Dead today due to attack
Nabeel Al-Bakeri to AJA: Taiz city has became like a ghost town, the protesters tents were burnt down while protesters were sleeping in them. Houses close by were shot by RPG and field hospital was stormed, bodies of injured and martyrs and medical staff was abducted by unknown people.
Military and tribal sources:
There are proposals to form national army to resist Saleh's militias and decisive the revolution.
Going out and gathering in Jamal St now, staying silent about this massacre would mean to stay silent of all the coming massacres against the protesters.
Shiekhs and tribes in Taiz and its surroundings are studying the stituation of what happened today in Taiz and are planning for revenge and escalation 
burning more tents 
Sharab and Mikhlaf tribes are surrounding security forcres in Freedom Square right now led by Sheikh Hamoud Saeed Al-Mikhlafi
Clear video burning Freedom Square while continuous heavy gunfire
The CCRYC is calling the youth to participate in a stand of solidarty to assure the peaceful revolution on Wednesday, June 1st from 7am to 10am in front of Yemen University in 60th St. As they call upon everything to particiapte in civil disobedience and join in the escalations.
The gathering-spot will be at 6:30am in Change Square in front of the platform. 
Disruption of externational communition to and from SabaFon network and locally from landline to SabaFon.
(SabaFon is owned by Al-Ahmar)
Tribes from Sabir, Sami, Jund and Maweya are gathering to support the youth and Sharab & Mikhlaf tribes that are surrounding security forces since after down in Freedom Square of Taiz.
Names of some of todays martyrs::
1-Fuad Abdu Ghanim=shot in cheek and neck
2-Moh'd Abdualraqeeb Abdulrazaq=shot in the neck
3-Imran Kassim Alidreesee=shot in the neck
4-Farouq Moh'd Saeed=shot in th shoulder and abdomen
Photos of destruction so far + burning

Photos of injured and dead protesters- graphic

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