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Thursday, 26 May 2011

May 27th: Friday, The Peaceful Revolution!

Abyan: News of heavy gunfire in Zanjabar that began at 6am and is still continuous and intensive.
Mareb Press: Nahm tribes violently attack Republican Guards in Nahm area and take over large parts ot if after repeated attacks on the citizens in that area.
Mareb Press: Number of injured and dead from Nahim tribesmen in the clashes taking place now by heavy weapons; Nihm is winning so far.
 Mareb Press:
- Republican Guard Major General 26 controls three cities, Sana'a- Mareb- AlJawf because it is located in a high mountain.
- Fall of Republican Guard Major General 26 with all gear in the hands of the tribesmen and the surrender of the camp commander with the rest of the Major General.
- Warplanes bomb tribal areas in Nahim after they controlled Republican Guard Major General 26
- Commmander of Brigade 26 Republican Guard was killed after he refused to come down from the camp during the clashes.
- Tribes bomb the warplanes using anti-aircraft
 Arabia: Mediation between Sheikh Al-Ahmar and Saleh has made progress in calming the situation between both of them
Saudi: Assistant Secretary of Defense: Painful events in Yemen, the most important thing to us is the security and stability of our borders.
- After the surrender of Al-Farda, Thawma and Bani Shkwan camps, warplans and Major General 3 bomb all the regions of Nahim randomly.
- Nihm tribes east of Sana'a take over camps belonging to the Republican Guards after heavy clashes and air-strikes that targetting their village and resulted in dead and wounded from both sides.
- Five have been killed from Nihm tribes and seven from Republican Guards among them Commander of the Guards Brigade Ali Al-Qarari during the heavy clashes that ended with the surrender of 3 military areas.
Nihm: Death of Farooq Mohammed Abdulaziz Al-Shuliaf in an airstrike attack on Nihm, Faroq held his wedding in the Change Square two months ago.
Mareb Press: Nihm
- Soldiers who were on the helicopters in Nihm are imprisoned
- Nihm tribes took over three helicopters belonging to the regime when they landed.
- MiG29 aircraft shelled Nihm 

- Two of the pilots who landed with their helicopters in Nihm refused to fire and landed safely and joined Nihm tribes
- Commander of the Republican Guards gives orders to commander of 101 camp in Thawma in Nahim to give the whole camp to Sheikhs of Nahm tribe.
- Sahwa Net: More than 20 people were killed and dozens injured in a violent bombing by military aviation of Saleh's forces on the tribes of Nihm north east of Sana'a and the surrender of three of the largest camps of the Republican Guards

- Masdar: Air force bombed a camp in Bani Shakwan area of Nihm north east of Sana'a, and the fall of 8 from the tribes between dead and injured.

- 3 Sheikhs of Nihm tribe died and a number of their comrades in the latest clashes of the Republican Guards
The three Sheikhs that died in Nihm today:
- Shiekh Najee Al-Tam Al-Aqraa
- Sheikh Ali Al-Shatwi Al-Aqraa
- Sheikh Nasser Hussien Salamah

- Wide spread of Republican Guards in 70th Square and high inspectation to anyone that is close by and heavy-weapons are deployed in the vicinity of the 70th Square.
- Security reinforcements and a wide presence of security and military for the first time of its kind in the areas surrounding the Presidential Palace and the 70th Square since 33 years ago. 
Witnesses: Saleh's armed gunmen in groups are gathering near Bin Anash Center in Sa'awan north east of Sana'a 
Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar goes to the 60th Square to participare in the burial of the martyrs killed by Saleh in Al-Nahda and Hasaba districts the past two days.
- Al-Qaeda launched broad attack on all the government facilities in Abyan.
- Armed gunmen attack many of the government facilities in Abyan and they are believed to be from Al-Qaeda
- Armed gunmen seize the National Bank and the CAC Bank in Zanjabar.
- Very heavy clashes and according to witnesses they belong to Al-Qaeda, they control a number of camps, two banks and a number of government facilities and clashes are still continuous in all kinds of weapons.
- Tanks are in the streets in the General 25 and the situation is heading to acute crisis during this heavy gunfire.
- Heavy explosions near the Help camp south of Zanjibar
- Witnesses near the clashes area: a number of deaths in the Help police and army
- Heavy clashes around Al-Qods round
- News that Zanjabar is in total control by gunmen after this wide armed attacks.
- Al-Razi Hospital  in Ja'ar: one killed and another wounded after soldiers of Al-Amodeia point fired live bullets on a small bus that drove speeding by the security point at dawn - seems that the driver did not know the existence of a checkpoint.
- Help police camp is fully taken over by gunmen and clashes are still continuous to take over the military brigade in the city.
- Witnesses in Khanfar: Warplane is bombing one of the sites- government facilities that were controlled by gunmen- in the city.
Warplanes bombed Khanfar mountain which led to the destruction of the Radio and Hospitatliy buildings in Abyan.
*Photo describes some of the sites that could be identified and the sites with numbers are still unknonw.*

- News that the governor escaped and armed gunmen took over the Governate Building and his House.
- People are very upset in Abyan from these sabotage acts by Saleh under the name of Al-Qaeda and they are warning not to play with fire and scare citizens with this reckless behaviour that only benefit the regime.
- Youth created a checkpoint in AbuShanab bridge to prevent anyone coming to Zanjabar- Ja'ar to Zanjabar road.
- Fall os Public Security, Political Security, Help Poilice, Governate Building, Management of Traffic and many other facilities in the hands of unknown gunmen- some people in Abyan describe them as national security belonging to Ali Saleh in citizens clothes acting as if they are Al-Qaeda. Clashes taking place to take over Brigadir 25 in Zanjabar. 
One dead and three injured by snipers deployed on some buildings in the city of Zanjibar and artillery hits heavily from brigade of 25 Mica.
The clashes that took place today in the city of Zanjibar caused the death of an officer named "Qasim Ali Alshiekh" and four other soldiers, number of militants who were killed and injured is unknown so far.
Mareb Press: What Al-Qaeda is doing in Abyan is by official guidance from Saleh to draw the attention of the West and give the gesture of the importance of him staying in power to fight Al-Qaeda.
Abyan: Burning of the banks and the postal building by unknown- photos follow.

Reuters: The eight industrialized countries said that the Yemeni President should be deporterd.
Millions of Yemenis perfromed Friday: The Peaceful Revolution in all the cities around Yemen confriming their determination to progess in achieving the goals of the peaceful revolution and the immediate departure and trail of Saleh.
Yemeni females fly off peace pigeons -white- in 60th Square at 12:30pm in Sana'a in Friday The Peaceful Revolution. 
Abdulqawee Al-Azani from Taiz to AJA: We recieving news through Sahwa Mobile that there are three Republican Guards camps in Nihm area join the revolution and there regime is attacking them with air-strikes.
Bushra Al-Maqtari to AJA: Tribes and JMP are considered elements for the youth revolution but the JMP had a negative impact on the revolution when they signed the Gulf Initiative.
Millions of Yemenis perform friday prayer in more than 15 cities in Yemen and assure the peaceful revolution and that it will not be dragged to Saleh's plan.
Tens of thousands in Rada'a and Al-Baydah march in demonstrations after Friday prayer demanding for the trail of Ali Saleh as a war criminal.
Hundreds of thousands are mouning martyr Al-Salmi in Hodeidah and asking the Gulf countries to stand by the peaceful revolution.
Anwar Al-Ansi to BBC confirms that Saleh was unable to control Sana'a especially the north part of it and that the tribes are in more control than him. He assured that the army that is supporting Saleh cannot leave their camps because tribes are preventing them.
Dr. Abdulmalik Mansour the Permanant Representative of Yemen to the Arab league told Mareb Press: I bear Ali Saleh the compelete responsibility for the lives and bloods that he shed in his attack on Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmar's house."
Marib Press: Mass festival of women in Sarwah, Marib demands an immediate departure of Saleh and condemns the aggression against the house of Al-Ahmar. The festival emphasized the peaceful revolution.
Entry of weapons and a variety of ammunition by Saleh forces to Aisha School in Tunisia St. east to the Change Square in Sana'a this afternoon.
Martyr Mohammed Al-Attah's father sending a couple of messages to Ali Saleh, Gulf Countries, Western Countries. Ali Saleh has to leave and you all know that for the past 33 years. You should declare a clear position to side with the people and not with one person.
Number of Republican Guards in Hajjah join the youth peaceful revolution
Alhadath Newspaper: Four gunmen run over journalist Al-Dailami and beat him; this incident happened in Saba round, Sana'a
 Friday, The Peaceful Revolution in Sana'a
‎30 Martyrs funeral today in Peaceful Revolution Friday in Sana'a:

 Friday, The Peaceful Revolution in Ibb

 Friday, The Peaceful Revolution in Taiz

Friday, The Peaceful Revolution in Hodeidah

Friday, The Peaceful Revolution in Rada'a
Friday, The Peaceful Revolution in Mahara

Friday, The Peaceful Revolution in Mareb

Friday, The Peaceful Revolution in Shabwa

Friday, The Peaceful Revolution in Sa'ada
Friday, The Peaceful Revolution in Al-Baydah
 Friday, The Peaceful Revolution in Dhamar

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