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Saturday, 7 May 2011

May 7th Night- To March OR Not to March?!

Latest: NO MARCH

There will be escalation but not march to the palace" The#Yemen Youth Revolution Committee Says @agneuid 

Youth in the Change Square of Sana'a are angrly rejecting the Gulf Initiative and the dialogue on their behalf. They are demanding marching to the presidential palace as a result to what is happening to their revolution under the name of initiative which they only see as a bomb that is intended to blow up the peaceful revolution of the youth.

They also call upon the GCC and the  JMP to stop messing with the youth revolution where they are supposed to stand by the will of the Yemeni people in determining their fate. As noted earlier the youth are ready and determined to march with bare chests, raising slogans to either live with dignity or to die sacrificing to this dear country to everyone.
Either we march (to presidential palace) or we die: We got bored!
All the revolution youth should be present tomorrow morning in Change and Freedom Squares to march to the Presidential palace and the soveregin ministires; announced at the podium- "Note there is possibiliity for vulenerability and fear, no matter what happens no pulling back, the best way to defend is to attack and step by step to go forward."
Youth were the group who declared to march to the presidential palace, the JMP and its leaders refused and announced delays. Dispute is still between the youth and the JMP in the case of delaying it.
YOUTH: The Organizational Committee accused the youth that have called for a march to the presidential palace thaty they are working for some suspicious groups. This statement does not deserve any respect for saying that the youth are suspicious. The Organizational Committee should respect the enthusiasm of the youth and deal with it in a more mature manner.
A situation of anger and alter for the first time witnessed in the Change Square of Sana'a getting ready to march to the presidential palace from now- until the assurance of the decision at 9:00am. We call upon all the youth to join in the revolution as tomorrow morning will be the defining moment.
No protesting, no dialouge; marching is our decision. Change Square in Sana'a Video:
A Blood Promise
Below , a translation of an agreement from the revolutionary youth, titled, "Blood Promise"

To fulfill the blood of the martyrs of the peaceful youth revolution and not allowing anyone to trade the blood of the martyrs, a promise we made:

We promise you martyrs that we will take your steps, and this is our blood that we will march to the presidential palace to overthrow the already fallen  regime and follow you in your path.

And we call upon all the free youth in all the squares around Yemen to print their blood on The 100 thousand Martyr document, and to march with bare chests towards the presidential palace to see the success of this peaceful revolution and to underline the greatest human win in history of mankind, and to certify to the whole world the crimes of Ali Saleh and his sons.

Victory to the revolution, Immortality to the martyrs

The presidential palace is heavily guarded by forces loyal to Saleh

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