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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

May 18th Updates + Assasination Document

The Organizational Committee calls for a partial strike today, Wednesday from 8 am till 12 pm and calls on the businessmen to close down their shops and support the revolution
News of gunfire at 3:00am in the GCP camp in Ibb
Republican Guards shot Al-Hayma tribes -outside Sana'a- at dawn today and reports of injuries and deaths
Ibb: Witness: I'm on my way from Sana'a to Ibb but there are many cars and people going from Yariim to Ibb and most of them are armed with heavy weapons. Some of them came out from Republican Guards camp of Yarrim in civilian clothes. They are in front of me right now and I think that the corrupted regime is organizing a protest in Ibb, but all of them are armed- I take full responsibility for my words because I can see it in front of me now.
Saudi Embassy: We do not interfer in the Yemeni situation, and editor of Okaz Newspaper does not represent the kingdom
Hassan Zaid: Saleh agreed to the first Gulf Initiative and his departure within 30 days in exchange for granting him judicial immunity
Al-Hurra: Sana'a is demanding a timeline for implementation of the Gulf Initiative and the opposition refuses
Supreme Council of the Revolutionary Forces Union appreciates Turkey's position in supporting the Yemenis will and confrims that the people are in the final stage to overthrow the regime
Hadramout: Security forces arrest a group of youth this morning in Mukalah as they were calling for civil disobedience in the streets of the city, they were investegated with and after an hour of their arrest, they got released
Hodeidah March today
Hodeidah: Sutends of Hodiedah University go out in a demonstration in front of Presidency of the University as a refusal to resuming studies, chanting, "No studying or teaching, until the fall of the President" and marched towards faculties of education and medical science 
Hodiedah: Seven students are injured when Republican Guards broke into the University Campus in an attempt to end the strike; mass march in the streets of Hodeidah demanding the departure of Ali Saleh
After suppressing them and beating them with batons and rifles and threatening them as well as aiming guns to their heads and firing live bullets on the student. They successfully closed down Education Faculty in Hodeidah University and wrote on it "closed by the people (the free students)"
A group of youth internet users in Shabwa closed down the Office of Public Communication Corporation Disclaimer after the director did not do what he agreed on doing before -implementation of compensation to the users incase of disruption.

Suhail: Food convoys from Yarrim to the protesters in Freedom Gulf in Ibb
Mass march from Freedom Gulf in Ibb headed towards Al-Odain St.
Motorbikes in Ibb marching in front of the people

A large crowd of regime thugs and GCP supporters who came from all cities and gathered in Ibb. Security cars and warplanes are also available. They are all marching in support of the corrupted regime. On the other side, a pro-democracy march as a loyalty to the martyrs.
GCP march in Ibb today chanted: "Oh Ali enough enough, start hiting like Qaddafi"
A mass march in Taiz city calling to overthrow the regime and a major security spread in front of all governmental institutions. Civil disobedience succeeds by 85% in Taiz. Taiz mass march today- demanding immediate departure of Ali Saleh, calling for civil disobedience and rejecting the Gulf Initiative

Sucessful civil disobedicence that paralyzes the movment in many of the Yemeni cities as an answer to the youth revolutions' request
Al-Baydah Civil Disobedience
Dhamar Civil Disobedience:
Ibb Civil Disobedience:
Sana'a Civil Disobedience

A group of activists are organizing a candlelight vigil in solidarity with all the detained and abducted protesters, including Baoom and journalist Abdulellah Shayee at 7 pm in Sana'a. It will start from 20th Round to the Change Square stage.
Al-Arabia: Both parties (GCP & JMP) agree on the Gulf Initiative and the signing will be done today.
 Marches in Rada'a:
Pro-Saleh supporters in Hajj clothes marching in Asir and Tahrir
Republican Guards in Thawma area bomb Nahm tribes with tanks and self-propelled guns- at least one injured
A martyr and 5 wounded, one in critical condition in a haeavy bombardment of Republican Guards on Nahm tribes in Haimah.
Local sources confirmed that Republican Guards and members of police started since yesterday with intensive bombing which resulted in one martyr and 5 injured. Martyr's name is Saleh Ali Al-Shamhani.
AJA: Yemeni regime freezes assets of 15 opposition figures in Yemen and calls for freezing them abraod. IT said that they have recieved funds from abroad and prevented them from traveling outside the country. a letter addressed to VP on issues that named under "harmful to the Yemeni national security"
Republican Guard Commandar: Ahmad Ali Abdullah Saleh gives Nahm tribes 400 military degree in the Republican Guards and tribes differ on the distribution of it; they cut Sana'a Marib road
Hadramout: Mass marches in Sayoon rejecting the Gulf Initiative and calls to march towards the presidential palace through Sayoon Radio

 Al-Jendi to AJA: Ali Saleh will sign the Gulf Initiative in a day or two.
Second martyr in Nahm and continued bombing by Republican Guards with heavey weapons on the region.
Waseem Al-Qershi to AJA: We will leave the sit-ins and the Change & Freedom Squares under one condition: To leave the Squares and go to Presidential Palace gates
 As a part of escalation plan, Youth in Hodaidah closed down the governorate building & wrote on it "closed by the people" 
Middle East News Agency: President Saleh might travel to Switzerland during the coming days.
Aden: Central Security attack Shiekh Othman Police to release a soldier from Central Security that have been stopped because of a criminal case a few days ago
An official document revealed a plan of assassinations prepared by Ali Saleh, targetting a number of opposition leaders and youth of revolution in the Squares of Freedom and Change in all the Yemeni cities, this comes after he failed to resolve the peaceful sit-in and failed to abort the peaceful revolution.
The sources warned from the plan of wide assassinations, and said that Saleh had assigned the supervision task of the implementation of this plan to the special guards forces, led by his nephew Tareq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, pointing out that the latter had begun the procedures of necessary preparations for such operations by ordering a set of fake plate numbers for cars that will proceed with the implementation of these tasks and transfer the indivisuals who will perform the assassination operations around different cities
According to memorandum No. (132) dated on 16/04/2011 Tareq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, commander of the Special Guard, asked the interior Minister Mutahar Rashad al-Masri to grant him 30 plate numbers (Sana'a - Private), 30 plate numbers (secretariat of the capital - Private), 30 plate numbers (Aden - Private), 20 Saudi plate numbers, and 15 Taxi plate numbers across the different cities.

 Legal sources called Saudi authorities to intervene and stop the use of Saudi numbers in the assassination of tghe Yemeni people so that it doesn't be an involvement in this crime especially since their stated position until this moment- according to sources- are designed to serve Saleh and his bloody approach.
Zayani leaves Yemen after Ali Saleh refused to sign the Gulf Initiative because of a disagreement about the Yemeni personalities that are signing it
Saleh said to Zayani: I will not sign the initiative even on my dead body; Zayani leaves and the GCC will issue a statement in the coming hours
Reuters: Protesters close down Hodeidah port on the Red Sea, which is considered the second largest ports of Yemen. It hindered the movement to and from it to put more pressure on Saleh to leave
May 18th: Ezzi Ali Yahya Qalalah, a youth from the Freedom Square of Taiz died after Republican Guards fired live bullets at him in Naqeel Al-Ebil this morning, his body is at Military Hospital in Taiz 
Al-Baydah march and civil disobedience:
Qataba, Dalii protesting today:
Taiz after Maghrib prayer- "The people want to march towards the presidential palace"
Masdar: Tribal Shiekh that is Pro-Saleh, cuts off Marib/Sana'a road protesting against him because he wasn't granted a share of the new recruitment of the Republican Guards

Masses of Kharef Tribe, Amran arrive to Change Square of Sana'a, including Sheikh Kharef Abu Shawarib 
Sahwa Net: Local sources in Hodeidah said that Saleh's regime trained 500 thugs led by Mohammed Qaheem, Deputy Director of Education and a number of other soldiers from different cities, based them in the central location in the city, getting ready to break into the Change Square in Al-Sha'ab Park
Yahya Abu Asba to AJA: Mr. Mohammed Salim Basendwah and a number of JMP leaders plus The Organizing Committee were with Al-Zayani at the airport. Al-Zayani thanked JMP for their good cooperation with the international and Gulf countries to speed up the transfer of power in Yemen.
Saleh received a phone call from the White House before he reneged on his agreement to sign the Gulf Initiative that was supposed to be signed today
Ibb: Majed Al-Serehi, a youth protester lost his sight because of the gas bombs- U.S made- that were thrown at the protesters in Ibb on Resolution Friday -May 13th by Republican Guards.
Security Source: Masdar: Finding the body of Artist and former media official in Netherlands radio Abdulrahman BaJuneid in his house in Aden after three days of his death, stabbed under unclear circumstances
Activist Tawakul Kurman's Facebook profile has been hacked and some abuses have been said under her name. Please circulate the news, do not deal with her account until further notice. It has been confirmed from her personally.
Abdu Al-Jendi to AJA: We did not reject to sign the Gulf Initative, and we are still ready to sign it.
Sources confirm that Ali Saleh and his regime have armed thugs from outside of Sana'a and distributed some of them to monitor security forces and police in the points that are inside Sana'a because the regime does not trust them.
The youth are calling everyone in the different Squares of Change and Freedom around Yemen to participate in the million family fasting project tomorrow on May 19th 
Candlelight vigil in Sana'a:


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