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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Leaked Document: 7 million USD on riot-control material

Lawyer Al-Sharjabi considers this as evidence of the intention to exterminate the people of Yemen. An official document that reveals a deal concluded by Saleh's regime to purchase specific anti-riot weapons by more than 7 million dollars.

An official document revealed a deal by Ali Saleh's regime, recently, of equipment and materials for riot control to suppress the protesters that have been going on for more than three months.

The document shows the extent exercised by Saleh's regime to public money, where the value of the deal exceeds more than 7 million USD.

The document revealed from private sources in Ministry of Interior, that the Minister of Interior officailly asked Ali Saleh to buy materials and equipments for riot-control that are worth up to 7,000,352 USD to attack the sit-ins and the demonstrations in the different Yemeni cities.

The head of the Legal Committee in Change Square of Sana'a and the chairman of The Committe on Rights and Freedoms Bar Association of the Yemeni Lawyers, lawyer, Bassem Al-Sharjabi, said that this document proves that Ali Saleh's regime is targeting for extermination and murdering of the protesters, through wasting the country's funds.

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