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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Call for Immediate Action to Rescue Peaceful Protesters in Yemen - ACT NOW

Statement no.37
Thursday , May 12, 2011

To the Silent International Community
Call for Immediate Action to Rescue Peaceful Protesters in Yemen - ACT NOW

المجلس التنسيقي لشباب ثورة التغيير: (تنّوع)
The Coordinating Council of the Youth Revolution of Change
The Coordination Council of the Youth Revolution of Change (CCYRC) calls upon the entire international community, United Nations, European Commission, Arab League, GCC countries, and world human rights and public freedom organizations to stop the irresponsible and barbaric massacres conducted by security and army troops of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The CCYRC, a coordinating council consisting of the largest youth movements at all Change and Freedom Squares nationwide, is deeply and outrageously concerned about the safety and security of peaceful youth protesters, who aspire for a better tomorrow in a new Yemen free of terrorism and dictatorship. We simply seek freedom, democracy, equality and a better life.

We urge all freedom and democracy advocates worldwide and also the free citizens of the world to stand by us – the peaceful and freedom-lovers, the youth of Yemen. We request all and each of you to strongly condemn the massacres and bloodshed by President Saleh’s troops.

Saleh, who is in power for 33 years, is looking for any excuse whatsoever to violently attack peaceful protesters, both at sit-in squares and during peaceful demonstrations. The aggressive attacks by central security forces and republic guard troops today on peaceful protesters in Sana’a, Hodeidah, Taiz, and Ibb cities are only examples of how destructive this regime is.

Saleh’s troops’ aggressive assaults on peaceful protesters today in Sana’a and their attempt to disperse the sit-ins at Sana’a and Taiz cities and earlier in Aden by forces brought us examples of bloodthirsty rulers who would kill as many as they can to remain in power. Live ammunitions and poisonous nerve gas are excessively fired at peaceful youth who carried roses instead. Protesters, calling for Saleh’s immediate departure, announced a peaceful march today to the Cabinet Building to stage a sit-in, but the silence of international community makes him launch a war against his own people.

UNICEF announced that more than 37 children were killed between February and April during the civil unrest. Hundreds of children are injured by gunfire and suffocated by chemical and tear gas. Is this acceptable by you, Human Rights guardians?! Hundreds of peaceful and life-lovers are killed and injured during the past three months. The world remains silent. How much blood does the world want to see in Yemen, before it steps in and takes responsible actions

Aggression seen today in Sana’a and everyday in Yemen nationwide is a clear evidence that Saleh has an agenda to shed blood; create chaos; and drive our country into what he many times refers to as civil war. Your silence allows him to pursue his plans.

The CCYRC calls upon every single human being and institution to stand by the Yemeni youth, rather than supporting the ailing and already falling regime. Your silence grants the dictator a green light to kill more people on a daily basis.

Please act now and immediately.
Please save the Yemeni children and peaceful youth

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