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Friday, 13 May 2011

May 12th Updates + Statements

Brussels, 11 May 2011
A 180/11

Statement by High Representative Catherine Ashton on Yemen

Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the Commission, issued the following statement today:

“I am following with the utmost concern the developments in Yemen. I condemn in the strongest terms the ongoing violence and repression against
protesters in Sana’a, Taiz and other cities. I call on the government and
security forces to end the use of violence immediately.

I welcome the statement of the Gulf Cooperation Council of 10 May urging Yemeni parties to sign the political transition agreement. I wish to add my voice to those of the GCC leaders by calling on both sides to sign and implement it without further delay. The solution is there. The moment is now. The Yemeni
people have waited for too long."

Statement on Behalf of the Revolution’s Media Center

We are the youth of the peaceful revolution in all the different revolutionary squares around Yemen; Ali Saleh’s regime holds the complete responsibility on the brutal attacks and the murders against the peaceful youth protesters; particularly the horrific crimes that were committed in this day in Sana’a, Taiz and Hodeidah.

We assure that these criminal acts will only make us more determined to overthrow the regime and trail it by continuing to peacefully escalate until we reach the goals of the people and youth peaceful revolution.

We also call the rest of the Yemenis to quickly join all of the honourable squares to support the youth and to stand by them as well as to reject this corrupted regime that practices all kinds of killing and intimidation against the Yemeni people. We call upon our brothers particularly in the Gulf Countries Council and the countries around the world that staying silent about the crimes that the regime is practicing against the peaceful revolutionary people allows him to commit more of them. We urge you to identify your positions clearly and to stand by the people’s choices and fair demands.

Glory and Eternity to the Martyrs, Victory to the Revolution, Long Live Free Yemen


Youth of Taiz are calling everyone to gether in Freedom Square for a mass march
Some of the martyrs from Sana'a May 11th
Taiz: Ali Saleh's forces are attacking protesters in Jamal St. reports of a number of injured
Taiz: Security forces are surrounding youth near Education Office in Taiz and news of gunfire
Sana'a: Large reinforcements arrive to Kentucky round from Republican Guards and Central Security
Maximum security alert state in the camps of Repubican Guards, Central Security and Special forces
Report of yesterday's massacre until dawn today in Sana'a:
- 12 martyrs
- 236 live ammunition injuries
- 10 in critical condition
- 141 cases of sharp equipments and baton beating
- 753 gas suffocation cases
- 12 burns
- 100 abducted including a female
Updated report of May 11th massacre in Sana'a:
- Over 100 detained, one of them is a martyr and many of them injured.

Names of the martyrs:
- Rafa'at Mohammed Najee Al-Mekhlafi
- Ibrahim Ahmad Mohammed Saif Al-Badani
- Omar Mansour Al-Maktary
- Yahya Mohammed Al-Anisi
- Nezar Hayel Salam
- Ali Ismael Ali Al-Fadli
- Majed Sultan Al-Azazi
- Mohammed Lutf Ahmad Moqbel
- Mustafa Al-Arefi
May 11th march in Tareem, Hadramout to support the protesters in Sana'a
Senior Coordination to the Yemeni Revolution: We will move from anecdotal condemntations to practical tools
Sana'a: Change Square of Sana'a is very quiet after the bloody massacre yesterday that was committed by security forces and Saleh's thugs. There are some expectations of a surprise attack by security forces, police, thugs and central security after they gathered around the Square. There are news saying that there is a meeting held in Najee Jama'ans house in Bani Harith for all the thugs and security forces that are going to attack the Square.
Taiz: Security forces fire live bullets on the protesters in Al-Makha and reports of injuries.
Taiz: Mass march in the streets of Al-Raheda in Taiz condemning the crimes and massacres that Ali Saleh is committing and demanding his immediate departure.
Local sources in Samii: Closure of the government complex in Samii, Taiz
Taiz: Alert siren is on inside of Freedom Square to go out and join the protesters to the square especially in the direction of Al-Sha'ab School
Mass march in Al-Baydah including Yafai's people condemning the massacres that the regime is committing and demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh.
Masdar: Gunmen standing on the top of the Ruling Party Building in Al-Baydah and firing gun to give signal to the protesters to break into the building
Taiz: Major security reinforcements arrive to Freedom Square, firing live bullets randomly on the protesters from the southern entrane of the Square; tens of injured
Attacks in Taiz taking place in front of Ministry of Finance
Taiz: Witness: Republican Guards are kidnapping injured protesters from in front of Al-Kawthar Mosque to unknown locations
Security forces fire live bullets on the protesters in Taiz today
Al-Baydah: Regime thugs are firing live bullets on the protesters and reports of injuries
Al-Jazeera: Ameen Al-Awadi: Tareq Al-Shami's invitation of getting 8000 people to work as committes is a form of civil war- it will be security forces in civilian clothes
The regime is committing another massacre in Taiz- heavy gunfire by security forces on the peaceful protesters in Taiz; reports of tens of injuries
The fall of Rasd directorate in Abyan with all its facilities in the hand of the people. They are the ones that are in charge of it now; the local council has submitted mass resignations after the massacre that took place in Muala. The people also stress that they are with the peaceful youth revolution all the way.
Taiz: Youth close down Directorates Centers in Ma'afir, Makha, Sabir, Samii and Al-Mersakh and write "Closed by the People" on the doors at 1:13 pm on May 12th
Al-Baydah: A martyr and a number of injured protesters by regime thugs live bullets in Al-Baydah.
Al-Baydah: Political Security kidnap a number of wounded protesters that fell by live bullets by regime thugs from Al-Thawra hospital today.
Taiz: Over 20 injured protesters by live bullets and 250 injured by gas bombs in Taiz
Al-Baydah: Two martyrs and a number of injured protesters in Al-Baydah due to live bullets by regime thugs
Central Security forces surround Al-Zahra Hospital in Al-Baydah and youth are dealing with them
Sahwa Mobile: Sana'a: After tanks attacked them, Al-Hayma tribes are surrounding the Republican Guards and the leaders of security zone and give them a deadline to leave by
Burning down Ruling Party Center in Al-Baydah after the peaceful protesters were getting shot by live ammunition from up top the building, killing 2 and injuring many others.
 Injured in Taiz today

Abdulqawee Ameen Sharf, is a photographer in the media center of Taiz; he was targeted by sniper shot because he was documenting the crime. The shot thankfully didn't hit his head but broke his camera and hurt his hand.
Regime is targetting anyone who is trying to document their brutal attacks. 
Mass marches in Aden condemning the crimes in Sana'a, Taiz and Hodeidah
Abdo Al-Jendi to AJA:
- The people at the squares are hundreds and they all belong to the JMP
- We have arrested a number of snipers from the top of Hameed Al-Ahmar's building and we will trail them
- They can stay in the sit-ins for years, no one will touch them or shed their blood. The ones that shed the blood are the JMP and we are in the defence side, we didn't accept for them to take power through the initiative
- If we tell the JMP to take power, they will think its a game

Essam Al-Hoti to AJA:
- AlJendi's speech is very funny! He kills someone and walks in their funeral; his words are irrational for a man in his position.
Yareem city is sending a food and people convoy to protesters in Freedom Square, Ibb

The Organizing Committee of the Youth Revolution is calling all the Yemeni people to gather on Decisive Friday on May 13th to mass march. All the men, women and their children should gather in all the squares of change and freedom around Yemen.
Sana'a- 60th St.
Taiz- Freedom Square and Jamal St.
Aden- Martyrs Square and Banks Square
Ibb- Freedom Square
Al-Baydah- Change Square
Hodeidah- Martyrs Square and Al-Sha'ab Park

Makre sure you let everyone you know come with you.
Glory and eternity for the martyrs, victory for the Yemeni people!
Aiming and shooting directly at the protesters -particularly Al-Jazeera journalist.
Beautiful female march in Taiz, females holding Qurans and flowers while marching. Security forces are trying to disperse the march with water
Names of martyrs and injured in Al-Baydah today:
- Abdulaziz Ali Al-Khodr Ali Al-Sharafi, 17 years old, Sharf district, Al-Baydah, May 12th
- Yousef Mohsen Abdo al-Farwi, Al-Mekhfaj district, Al-Baydah, May 12th 
Some names of the injured:
- Ahmad Qassim Al-Mothafari
- Ahmad Abdurabo Jubn
- Mohammed Ahmad Faraj
- Abdulmoeen Al-Sharafi
- Saleh Ali Al-Dabani
Taiz: Over ten thousand female protesters in front of Al-Sha'ab school a couple of meters away from the governate building. Reading Quran on the souls of the martyrs in presence of armored vehicles and soliders. They will also pray Mghrib there.
Al-Baydah injured protester, Mohammed Ahmad Faraj.
 Female Silent March in Taiz

Yemen Network: News of kidnapping females from different places in Sa'awan in Taiz. They get them to faint using asenthia and transfer them by police points as if they are hospitalizing them. Police departments are ignoring the reports of their family caliming the existence of more than 70 abducted. S.A.A.S is a 13 years old that was abducted at 7pm since last tuesday and no information about her until now.
Four injured in Dhamar when security forces fired live bullets at protesters. One of them is in critical condition
Al-Baydah: Burning down the Ruling Party's Building in Al-Baydah + 2 martyrs from todays attack + injured central security who fired bullets at protesters:
Samii in Taiz falls under the youth's hand- Closed by the people is the sentence they're writing on all government facilities
Qatar News Agency: Qatar is withdrawing from the GCC Initiative that deals with the crisis of Yemen

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