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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

May 23rd, Bombing Al-Ahmar's House + updates!

Emirates News Agency: Saleh apologizes for the siege to the UAE Embassy and trapping a number of diplomats including Mr.Zayani
A huge explosion heard now in Alhasabah area
News that the heavy firing in Alhasabah is between government thugs and security forces  on the house of Shiekh Abdullah bin-Husien Al-Ahmar
Al-Arabiya correspondent: militants of Shiekh Sadeq Al-Ahmar control the building of the Ministry of Supplies in Sana'a 
Many tribes from all over Yemen condemn the attack on Alsheikh Sadeq's house by Saleh's forces, the sheikhs of these tribes say "We consider the attack on Alsheikh Sadeq as an attack on all the shiekhs of the country"
EyeWitnesses to "Almasdaronline": tribes men affiliated to Sheikh Al-Ahmar controlled the Ministry of Industry and Trade and news of their progress toward the ministry of communications and ministry of Interior
Fire in the fifth floor of Al-Saeeda Travel near the clashes side in Hasaba.
Mareb Press: Journalists injured from Sheba News Agency due to the clashes between police and Republican Gurads from Hashid tribes.
Mareb Press: Hashid tribes surround the Permanent Committee headquarters of the ruling pary in Sana'a and closes its doors.
Witnesses: Rise of a thick plume of smoke over the Ministry of Interior
Masdar: Clashes started as a result of the receipt of information that Saleh's government stored weapons inside of a Al-Ramah school that is close to Sheikh Sadiq's house.
Escalation of clashes by RPG weapons beside Ministry of Interior and smoke is rising
Attempt to break into the house of Sheikh Al-Ahmar from eatern side (Ministry of Interior) and southern side (Sheba News Agency)
Witnesses: More than 10 armed cars belonging to the regime arrived shortly to Yaslih and is going to Sana'a
Witnesses: Saleh's thugs are firing live bullets on the citizens houses in Al-Hasaba to scare them
Mareb Press: Witness: Large numbers of Ministry of Interior guards are withdrawing; tribes gunmen few meters away from Ministry
Huge explosion in Sana'a, unknown location.
Aden: Heavy clashes between army and protesters near Badr Camp in Khormaksar
Farooq Al-Kamali injured in the back by a bullet fragment due to clashes while he was in Sheba News Agency
‎"Hawn" weapons are fired on Sadiq Al-Ahmar's house in Hasaba
Mareb Press: Guards of Permanent Committee of GCP are escaping.
Two powerful explosions in Hasaba, witnesses confrim smoke from Ministry of Commerce and Indusrty and Al-Saida Travel Agency
The Organizing Committee of the Youth Revolution bears Saleh's regime the responsibility for using weapons and the violence today. They condemn the attack on Sheikh Al-Ahmar house and assures they will stay in their peaceful approach until the fall of the regime.
Number of tanks arrive to the area of Sadiq Al-Ahmar's house in Hasaba
Arabia: Heavy clashes are still continued and expanding to University side. Hearing huge missles and arrival of reinforcements from Republican Gaurds to the area.
‎9 dead and 12 wounded from help police troops
Suhail: Shabwah tribes condemn the attack on Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar and they assure that the criminals will not escape justice 
Beginning of the clashes:
Shabwah, Hadramout, Hashid, Bakeel and Asemat Tribes all conndemn the attack on Sheikh Al-Ahmar's house and assure that the criminals will not escape justice.
US Embassy in Sana'a closes its doors after Saleh's gunmen placed their tents close to it.
Arrival of two injured to the field hospital of Sana'a one is a child wounded by live bullets due to clashes of Hasaba
Witnesses: Heavy gunfire into Ministry of Interior and approximately 22 dead from help police in the ministry.
Child injured by live bullets in field hospital due to clashes in Hasaba 
AFP: Two people killed from Al-Ahmar tribes and around 25 injured
French Foreign Ministry bears Saleh reponsibile for the failure of the Guld Initiative and what could result from his rejection.
Soucres reported that armed forces in civilian clothes in Ibb are firing to the air to scare the citizens and sources emphasized non-interference of security forces.
Heavy clashes using RPG and mortars bombs in the direction of Arab League University Street in Sana'a
Residents of a building (center of Al-Habari Round) appealing to security forces and tribes to stop the clashes and allow them to leave the building after it was taken over by security forces to fire on the tribes from inside. Residents are not trapped in the basement of the building and sewage is falling on them after the bombs destroyed some of the bathrooms of the building that contains five apartments.
Ali Al-Dabebi to AJA: Armed people belonging to Al-Ahmar were able to prevent the attack of the security forces in the boarders of Ministry of Interior.
EU deplores the repeated refusal of Ali Saleh to sign the Gulf Initiative and calls for his commitment to transfer power.
Urgent meeting for the Public Committee in Aden right now. 
Large troops in front of Prime Minister Council and Blood Bank and Agriculture street by 4th Major General Mohammed Khaleel, central security, Republican Guards and armed thugs to break the sit-in in the Change Square of Sana'a 
Yemen News Agency: Eye Witnesses at Al-Qasr Street say that a number of vehicles full of armed and masked men in civilian clothes heading towards Al-Hasaba.
‎600 armed Ahmar tribesmen on their way to Sanaa to fight on Al-Ahmar's side against Saleh's government
Clashes have stopped in Al-Hasba and a cautious calm prevailed near the house of Al-Ahmar
Change Square is forbidding women from entering in order to protect them from possible gunfight with security forces.
Clashes in Al-Hasaba: Citizens that are wounded: A child age 15 shot twice in the chest and arm, a 28 year old youth shot twice in the tigh and under the testicles. Republican Guards shot them and the childs father assures that there are 7 killed citizens and tens injured.
Reports of Saleh's troops denying access to Sana'a
Journalist Rajih Badee to AJA: Clashes are at the most in Ministry of Interior and military reinforcements from Republican Gaurds; Sana'a is in complete darkness. Saleh is carrying out his threats of war as it seems, all the indications show that Saleh's speech yesterday is the start point. The youth assure that their peaceful revolution will not start violence as well as Ali Muhsen. Saleh, as it is evident that he didn't find anyone to fight because everyone agreed on the peaceful revolution until the fall of the regime.
Washington urges Yemeni President to sign the agreement of transferring power.
Sa'ada protesting today 
September Mobile: Destruction of three floors of Sheba News Agency and its network technology
Al-Khameri, editor of Elaf Times: There are consultations between leaders of JMP in Yemen with some opposition leaders abroad to create a transitional council to lead Yemen.
The transitional Council to be announced in Yemen, such as Libya apprently supported by some Gulf countries.
Eyewitness: Pro-Saleh sit-in at Tahrir Square in the Yemeni capital Sana'a has become completely empty
Unidentified masked men forced Attorney General in Ahwar to hand over his car in Qat market in Zanjabar and they drive it to an unknown location
Report of today's clashes by Saleh's regime resulted in 4 martyrs and 25 wounded as stated by the Medical Committee 
Preventing bombing Al-Ahmar house
Arabia: 5 deaths, 35 injuries among Al-Ahmar armed men in today's clashes in Sana'a
Marib Press: Tribal mediation, led by Sheikh Hassan Ghalib Alajda - One of the Sheikhs of Murad tribe in Marib- was able to cease-fire between the Central Security Forces and the Republican Guard, and the tribes of Hashid, clashes erupted this afternoon after less than 24-hour hint of President Ali Saleh about a civil war in a speech yesterday evening. Private sources of "Mareb Press" said that Sheikh Alajda entered the house of Sheikh Sadiq Al-ِhmar this evening and he pointed that the Interior Minister is responsible for these confrontations. Sources noted that Alajda is currently leading a mediation to try to calm the situation. Sheikh Julaidan Ali Julaidan, Sheikh Mohamed Ismail Abu Horyah, Sheikh Faisal Manna, and many other Sheikhs, participated in the mediation. Mediators are working now on the let the fighters out and be handed over to a neutral party, in an attempt to calm the situation 
Clashes between Al-Ahmar troops and Saleh's forces
Report of today's clashes by Saleh's regime escalated and resulted in 5 martyrs from citizens and tribesmen and 75 wounded including 4 children as stated by the Medical Committee 
Pro-Saleh march in Ibb, most are armed thugs
Hadramut | Tarim : Thugs of the regime attack protesters in change square of Tarim city
Almasdar Online : Tribal mediation succeed in stopping armed confrontations between security forces and guards of the house of Sheikh Al-Ahmar
Alhudaidah | Eye witness : Heavy fire near to Alkuraimi Exchange office in Sana'a Street, about 500 meters away from square of liberty in Alhudaidah
Alattas to Aljazeera Mubasher now: Yemeni president misunderstood that the initiative is meant to stop the bloodshed, he understood it gives him the green light and prolongs his life in power 
While continuous clashes betweeh Hashid tribes and security forces, two bullets where fired by the regime to the Change Square of Sana'a. The Security Committee was damanged and this was a clear message from the regime. The peaceful youth have condemned these irresponsible acts to drag the people into clashes. The youth have assured that their first choice is peacefulness and they will continue their sit-ins until the fall of the regime.

Names of martyrs from today's clashes between Hashid tribes and security forces:
- Mohammed Saleh Amran
- Omar Saleem Saree
- Mohammed Hassan Abu Shawarib
- Saddam Al-Sofi
- Khaled Abdulkareem Dirhim Al-Ahmar

Dalal was beaten on her head this morning by one of governemnt-thugs that did not like her joining Freedom Square in Taiz. Someone went to see her at the hospital today, and while trying to make it better, she answered him "I swear, if we give up our lives, we will never back down from him leaving" She showed everyone that she is stronger than ever.
Al-Atwani to Mareb Press: Targetting Al-Ahmars house was aimed at the opposition leaders.
Power outage in Change Square of Sana'a and renewed fire and clashes- only can hear the sound of the bullets that are close to the Change Square but unknown location and unknown parties.
The release of youth activist Mishal Al-Awbali a couple of minutes ago after he was kidnapped by unknown people when he left the Change Square of Sana'a today at 5:00pm.
A meeting of Yemeni Sheikhs on Tuesday morning in Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmar's house to prevent breaking into the house.
Ongoing Situation in Yemen

Press Statement
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
May 22, 2011

The United States is deeply disappointed by President Saleh’s continued refusal to sign the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) initiative. He is turning his back on his commitments and disregarding the legitimate aspirations of the Yemeni people.

The concerted efforts of the international community, led by the GCC, have been tireless and all sides have agreed -- on multiple occasions -- to sign the GCC initiative. President Saleh is now the only party that refuses to match actions to words. We urge him to immediately follow through on his repeated commitments to peacefully and orderly transfer power and ensure the legitimate will of the Yemeni people is addressed. The time for action is now.

We are also outraged to learn that earlier today factions loyal to President Saleh encircled the UAE embassy in Sana’a. They refused to allow U.S. Ambassador to Yemen Gerald Feierstein, ambassadors from the United Kingdom the European Union and GCC states, the GCC Secretary General and other foreign diplomats to leave the embassy. We condemn this action and call on President Saleh to meet his international obligations to ensure the safety and security of all foreign diplomats and their staffs working in Yemen.

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