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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

May 26th Updates + Graphic Photos of Arhab Victims!

Peaceful protests continue in Tagheer Square
Government Institutions located in the clashes area and are expected to be controlled by Al-Ahmar Tribes- some have already been taken over:
1. Sana'a International Airport
2. Ministry of Interior
3. General Directorate of Help Police
4. Civil Defence
5. Ministry of Local Administration
6. Ministry of Electricity and Energy
7. Ministy of Commerce and Industry
8 Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
9. Ministry of Health
10. Ministry of Information
11. Supreme Leadership of Armed Forces
12. Ministry of Education
13. PTC
14. General Postal Authority
15. Office of Insurance and Pensions
16. Saba News Agency
17. Permanat Committee of GCP
18. Supreme Institute of Guidance
19. Interest of Land and Real Estate
20. CAC Bank
21. Ministry of Civil Services
22. Ministry of Labour
23. Kharif Military Camp
24. Maintenance Military Camp.
25. Military Police
26. Central Prision
27. Military Police Hospital
28. Military Criminal Court
29. Spinning and Weaving Factory
30. Military War College
31. Aviation College
32. Air Base
33. Military Airport
34. Saleh's House in Dajaj
35. Yemen Airways and Saeeda Airways Building
36. Yemen State Building
37. Presidency of the General Staff of the Armed Forces
38. Al-Thawra Stadium
Photo from yesterday night clashes in Sana'a by Arabia.

There were some heavy explosions in Sana'a in numerous areas in clashes between Saleh's forces and Al-Ahmar troops in the early hours of Thursday, May 26th according to eyewitnesses.
Witnesses: sporadic clashes taking place in Sawad Hanash in the vicinity of the first brigade in Sana'a.
AJA reporting 28 dead in arms depot explosion in Sana'a
Office of Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar : More than fifty dead and 110 wounded by the regime forces yesterday evening
AFP: Yemen President orders the arrest of Shiekh Sadeq Al-Ahmar and senior members of Al Ahmar family and Hashid tribe
Ali Nasser Muhammad and Haidar Abu Bakr Al-Attas Condemn the brutal assault on the house of Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar
Mass march in Taiz now calls to stop violence in Sana'a and emphasizes that the revolution will remain peaceful.

AJA: Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar: I am holding on in my house and the war is between Saleh and the Yemeni people.
AJA: Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar:
- I am ready to cease-fire on the condition that he -Saleh- stopps. And I speak from strength and not weakness and I'm ready to fight for the rest of my life.

- I fight denfending my house, and now I have 2square meters under control.
Al-Baydah: Taking over a military camp as pay back for killing Shiekh Garo'on.
Armed tribesmen take over Ministry of Interior office
Suhail Channel started broadcasting at 2pm Sana'a time.
Hearing gunfire intermittently in Al-Hasaba region north of Sana'a
Clinton: Cease-fire in Yemen and Saleh has to leave.
Kuwaiti Deputy, Barak: We call on the Ministry of Foregin Affairs to move quickly to bring back Kuwaiti diplomats in Sana'a and their families into the country because Yemen Sergeant -Ali Saleh- is crazy man controlled by lust for power and he is ready to turn Yemen into civil war in order to stay in power.
Arabia: France holds the Yemeni President responsibile for the violence after he refused to sign the Gulf Initiative.
Arabia: Sadiq Al-Ahmar in a response to his arrest: Ali Saleh cannot arrest a child, you think he'll arrest Sadiq Bin Abdullah Al-Ahmar?
Sadiq Al-Ahmar: We have captured 70 soldiers from pro-government supporters and they are in my house.
National Security arrested Kamal Al-Mafhadi, Suhail Channel cameraman while he was on his way to cover the events in Al-Hasaba. 
The situation in Yemen remains calm since the morning, very cautious- some gunfire clashes every while.
Message to security forces from Republican Guard officier
Deputy of the U.S National Security Adviser: The United States condemns the violence in Yemen and believes the emergence of the need for a peaceful transition of power/
Clinton: We continue our support for a United stable Yemen as we continue to support the departure of Ali Saleh.
The United States and France stepped up their calls Thursday for Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down, after overnight gunbattles killed dozens of people.
Engineer Mohammed Thabet, his wife, all his children and his brother Adel Thabet died yesterday after their house was shelled by Saleh's forces in Al-Nahada district. He was an employee of PTC.
France24: Al-Ahmar calls Yemeni tribes in Yemen to stand against Ali Saleh.
The Organizational Committee of the Youth Revolutions calls the Yemeni to gather on Friday named as: Friday, The Peaceful Revolution.
Nas Mobile: Hameed Al-Ahmar: We will implement the great Yemeni people's decision in overthrowing the regime and bring Ali Saleh, his sons and associates of murderers to trail for their crimes.
Analysis by Yaman News Agency:
Military source to Yaman News Agency: The coming hours, perhaps the next few days will be fierce clashes as evidence by the arrival of the different tribes to Sana'a and how the Republican Guards feel defeated and would see the need to return their "dignity" that has been gone since the beginning of the confrontations.
Masdar: Tribal Source: 12 Republican Guards soldiers killed during clashes with Arhab Tribe yesterday.
Spokeman for Al-Ahmar: 45 people died yesterday from Al-Ahmar supporters in clashes with Ali Saleh forces.
Sheikh Abdullah Nasser Al-Daham announces joining the youth revolution:
Saleh's regime distributes snipers to some of the Republican Guards members and locates them close to Tahrir Square in Sana'a to create a third armed party in the clashes between Saleh's forces and Al-Ahmar troops.
Sources to Reuters: Rada'a tribes take over the Republican Gaurds camp in retaliation for killing Sheikh Hassan Muqbil Garo'on by Saleh's forces.
JMP is calling Saleh to immediately step down and stop the brutal attacks on the tribal leaders and military personnel that support the revolution. They aslo renewed their call for the International Community and Security Council to support the Yemeni people and meet their needs for change and stability and to build their own modern civilized country.
September Mobile: Crowds of people coming from the different cities to Sana'a will perform prayer of Friday: Law and Order in their own cities before heading to Sana'a.
Pro Saleh are not able to pray in 70th Square this Friday.
Youth Coalition for Change in Tarim: Sources reveal the plan of chaos-makers preparing incendiary bombs to throw on the protesters in Change Square of Tarim, Hadramout and the youth hold them responsible for it.
Mareb Press: 28 citizens killed yesterday when Saleh's forces attacked one of the buildings by mortar shelling.
Youth revolution are declaring their full solidarity with the families affected in the tension areas in Sana'a. They also declare their willingness to receive them in their tents and to provide food, water and medical care to all the affected from this ignorant regime.
Al-Asemat tribes promised a surprise for Saleh.. Saleh makes a decision to cancel Friday: Law and Order in the 70th Square after getting infromation that mass numbers of his supporters from Sheikhs and tribe members will protest against him.
Mareb Press: Republican Guard camp in Thawma, Nihm bombarding citizens and reports of civilian casualties. 
Mareb Press: Huge explosion in Sana'a- unknown location.
Sources to Mareb Press: Mediation attempt to calm the situation between Saleh and Al-Ahmar led by a number of officials including Abdulqader Hilal and a number of Sheikhs.
AJA: Qatar suspends operations in its embassy in Sana'a and recalls its diplomats from Yemen
Sources to Mareb Press: Large splits within the Military Foundation, particularly Republican Guards and supreme leaders because they reject to start war.
Republican Guards forces bombed the house of Sheikh Rabesh Wahban in Haima west of Sana'a
Abyan: Cab driver was killed by soldiers at a security point in Amodeya Round in Zanjabar after they suspected him.
Clashes with heavy weapons at the northern entrance of Sana'a towards Al-Azrakian- Amran enterance.
Ali Muhsen: Saleh specializes in mediator treachery, started by Al-Hojariah Sheikhs (Taiz), then assassination of Al-Shabwani and ended it with surrounding the UAE Embassy and bombing mediators in Al-Ahmar's house.
Source to Mareb Press: The mediiation that is currently underway between Saleh and Al-Ahmar is led by Abdulqadir Hilal, Sheikh Ismael Abuhoriah, Sheikh Fayez Mana'a and Sheikh Awad Bawazeer.
Heavy bombardment on Sheikh Rabesh Wahban's house in Haima
Ali Muhsen: Saleh was behind the Hojariya events in 1978, and what our people don't know is that the unfortunate events in January 13th 1986, the feline Ali Saleh was the one who raised it and fueled it!
Tareq Al-Shami to Arabia: The peaceful youth demonstration tomorrow won't be millions because they already called yesterday for a "millions demonstration"
Abdu Al-Jendi to AJA: There are news implifications around Hashid, as if Hashid is America or a powerful country.
Abdu Al-Jendi to AJA: Change Square has become empty and no one is in it anymore.
Hussien Al-Ahmar to AJA:
- My brothers defended their home, and if we wanted a military coup we would've attacked the Presidential Palace.
- Tens of thousands of tribes in Amran would like to enter Sana'a to march to the Presidential Palace and take Saleh out servile with his head down but we soothe people and ask them to wait because we keen on the peaceful revolution way.
Kamal Mahfadi, Suhail Channel Cameraman was transfered to CID; Suhail bears the CID Administration responsibile for his safety and demand his quick release.
Britain urges its citizens to leave Yemen immediately.
Nas Mobile: Security forces fire live bullets on the protesters in Al-Qatee in Hodeidah and a number of injured.
Kamal Mahfadi, Suhail Channel TV got released a couple of minutes ago.
Al-Asemat tribes invaved Al-Azrakin point after violent attacks with Republican Guards.
AJA: The outcome of the four day clashes between Al-Ahmar troops and Saleh's forces resulted in 110 dead.
Tribes that are loyal to Al-Ahmar now enter Sana'a as follows:
- Amran and Al-Asemat tribes from Amran road and Al-Azrakin point
- Mareb and Nahim tribes do not pass Mareb point rather they enter from Bani Hushiah linking Mareb and Jawf (after the point, through the mountains its the way of smuggling cars inside villages)
- Qayfa tribes reached Haddah and Bait Bous at their Sheikhs place Majed Al-Dahab.
- Anis and Heeda tribes are entering from a road in Rasaba and walk in Al-Hedda and go out to Khawlan and Qayfa.

So far, many have already arrived with no clashes except at Al-Azrakian point; tens of thousands still did not arrive.

Thugs from Sarf area led by Sheikh Gomar located infront of the National Security building and infront of Al-Kharafi Camp- made a couple of checkpoints.
Graphic photos of Arhab victims of May 25th bombing:

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  1. Felt so sad looking at these pictures. Hope all will be alright in a month or two. I will pray god for the betterment.