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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Friday: Loyalty to the South, May 6th

Around 200 thugs are gathering by Al-Shaab school in Taiz
Sana'a: Heavy gunfire now towards the airport road in the intersection of 60th street close to Military Academy
Sana'a: Heavy gunfire in Marib Street and city street
Al-Hasaba: Trucks loaded with armed soliders are coming out from maintenane corps camp now in Sana'a
Sana'a: For the second time trucks loaded with armed soliders are coming out from maintenane corps camp now and clashes in parts of Al-Hasaba, airport road and 60th street intersection
Sana'a: Heavy deployment of soldiers in 60th street, Airport Road, City Street and Marib Street next to the U.S Embassy
Heavy shooting by army near Martyrs Square in Mansoura, Aden
Waleed, the poet that got his tongue cut off reveals by writing that he was threatened a few days ago by a relative working in the Economic Organizational who is very close to Hafid Mead and some other security personal in the Republican Guard in Sana'a
Dr. Abudllah Al-Thayfni in Freedom Square of Taiz- participating in the clean up campiagn of the Square.
Yemeni opposition sends 30 names of people who are going to represent it when singing the Gulf initiative and the president is taking long trying to take advantage of time
Preacher in Taiz to Gulf countries: "Have you felt now what we have been going through for the past 33 years of a president that doesn't keep his word?"
Preacher in Sana'a: To Gulf: This is a revolution and not a coup. To the people: If we were to remember a leader, it would be Al-Hamdi, if we were to thank someone, it would be the women, and if we were to die, it would be to the south.
Al-Jazeera: Nation Dialogue Committee for the Opposition in Yemen: We will not sign the Gulf initiative unless signed by President Ali Saleh
Al-Jazeera: Yemeni president vows to resist his opponenets and describes them as "outlaws"
Ali Saleh in his speech, as expected, mentions the poet that got his tongue cut by the regime and says: "We are getting security agencies and the Ministry to pursue those who cut the tongue of that poet"
Saleh in the 70th Square, describes the youth revolution and the opposition as outlaws, road sectors and killers of the forbidden self
Mass march after Friday prayer through the streets of Ibb emphasizing the national cohension and the immediate departure of Ali saleh
Tens of thousands mourn today Martyr Marwan to Al-Raheda area in Taiz; mass march demanding fall of regime
Prayers for the Martyr Fadel Al-Namis in Mansoura, funeral to the Rahman cemetery with a large crowd
About two million protesters in the streets of Sana'a demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh and the trail of the criminals
Shabwa: Thousands perform Friday, Loyalty to the South in Change Square in Ataq demanding the immediate departure of the regime
Abdulbasit Al-Qaedi to Al-Jazeera: Who ever would dare to kill the forbidden self dares to cut a tongue of a man; ask who kidnapped the man that was with the victim frm Al-Thawra Hospital yesterday so the truth is revealed.
AbdulNasser Al-Araby, activit from Aden to Al-Jazeera: We call upon the opposition to not go for negotiation
Dhamar: Mass marches taking place in Dhamar to condemn the killing of the protesters, to resolve the south case and to overthrow the regime
ٍPolitical activist Saeed Bakar from Hadramout to Al-Jazeera: Sons of the Southern cities (7 cities) have never seen a unitary such as this day; we felt united and we raised slogans saying "No north and no south, our unity is in the heart."
Sa'ada today
Regime thugs marching to go "pray" at the 70 Square and they're chanting some swear words against the females at the Change Square. 
Protesters in Sana'a flew baloons at 4:00pm from the Change Square to the air while playing the national anthem- all baloons had the word "Leave" on them.  

PHOTOS of different cities around YEMEN on Friday: Loyalty to the South





Mass marches in Crater, Aden, Mukalah, Hadramout today afternoon in this Loyalty for the South Friday.
Abyan: Reports of large explosions in Zanjabar and gunfire all around
Youth are calling all businessmen to call for a strike tomorrow, Saturday all around Yemen in support and loyalty to the blood of the martyrs and the south from 8:00am to 12:00pm
Private sources from Abyan: A number of people from Yafai, Radfan, Dalii, Abyan, Ja'ar, Zanjabar, Lord, Modeya, Aien & Shoqra surrounded a camp belonging to the Republican Guards in Arkoob area in Abyan
A protest in solidarity with Yemen was held in Egypt today; "Egypt & Yemen in one hand"
A GCC official told Aljazeera that Saleh will sign the Gulf Initiative in two days.
Abyan: Military source to Aden network: Armed men are attacking General 25 Meka, located in Zanjibar using mortars & various weapons from Al-Maraqid side- no news of injuries
Female march in the streets of Hodiedah, started from Zayed St until Change Square condemning Yafai attacks and the arrest of activist Badria Ghailan
National Forum: 518 incidents of violations of human rights in ten provinces in Yemen in less than 6 months
The arrest of Mr. Hafeth Mojeb director of media center in Hodeidah in Bajil checkpoint; confiscationg of his laptop, and personal belongings on his way from Sana'a
Informed sources affirmed that Saleh met today with a group of Sheikhs and Tribe leaders of Sanhan, Bani Bahloul and Bilad Al-Roos in preparation to attack the protesters in the Change Square
Reuters | JMP rejects the revised agreement for the Gulf Initiative tthat was signed by 15 representatives from the ruling party and the opposition; if Saleh doesn't sign the initiative as part of the agreement.
Clashes between gunmen and Gen. Meka 25 in Abyan
Dr.Azmi Bishara to AlJazeera:

- There is a real revolution in Yemen at the public and social level and frankly I very much admire it.
- Underdevelopment in Yemen is caused by the existing regime.
- The Yemeni regime expired because of the millions of protesters that came out in more than 17 cities of Yemen
- The Yemeni regime drained the economy of Yemen.
- I hope that the President spare Yemen further economic drain and murder.
- I think that these days things will be resolved.
- United States reached a stage of conviction because we have noticed that during protests there have been some slogans against America because they did not pay enough attention to the Yemeni Revolution. They believe that the Yemeni blood is cheap and that there is no oil in the country and its not near conflict areas "Israel"
Al-Jawf: One person killed in renewed clashes between Huthi's and armed tribes
Journalists Union demanding quick release of colleuge Abdulhafed Mujab
Sources to Al-Jazeera: GCC provided a new copy of the initiative to resolve the crisis in Yemen
Papers that Waleed Al-Remeshi had with him before getting his tongue cut.
 Civil disobedience:

Yemen is calling you
Your brothers are performing their role by giving up their own lives to live in dignity and freedom in Yemen. It's your turn now, close down your shop/business on Saturday and Wednesday from 8:00am to 12:00pm.

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