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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Yafai's Attacks + Republican Guards withdrawing + Warplanes

 Yafai Sunday, May 1st

Urgent : (AL'er) camp is now under full hands of the tribes of Yafai after strong clashes with the army for days , & news that tribes have entered the camp.
War on Yafai + rep guards withdrawing + the after affects of the attack
Tribesmen take full control of Al-Aer Mountrain in Yafai, Lahj 

May 3rd at 11:00 am, warplanes bomb Al-Aer Mountain:

After the Republican Guards withdrew from Al-Aer Mountain in Yafai, warplanes bombed the place eight have been injured, names of 6 of them:
1. Mohammed Abdubakr Al-Moshakis
2. Yousef Salah Al-Hakami
3. Ali Hussien Al-Yafaiy
4. Ahmad Salim Saleh
5. Mohammed Awad Al-Magogi
6. Mohammed Saleh Al-Hadi

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