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Sunday, 17 April 2011

April 16th Updates!

 April 16th Female March in Sana'a

Sana'a: Soldiers are holding female protesters hostages, journalists among them and they confiscate their cameras.
Five people were woundde during an attacked by armed thugs on the protesters in Change Square in Al-Shahil, Hajjah
Washington Post: Ali Saleh is in danger after the tribes gave up on him.
General Attorney will look into the case that Yemen females raised against Ali Saleh regarding his offensive speech.
Delegation of authority and opposition will meet tomorrow in Riyadh each alone with the Saudi Foreign Minister Al-Fosiel to discuss the Gulf Initiative.
The opposition delgation will be headed by Diplomatic Mohammed Ba-sendwah.
Official statement by the secretariat of the capital city, Sanaa, tells that Saleh's is lying when he said that Al-Moshtarak is looting the gas yesterday in his Speech. They blame the Ministry of Oil and all the gas compnies for the failure to provide domestic gas for citizens.
During the previous two days, Ali Saleh changed his companions after substantial opinion differences in the presidential palace that broke out between him and his supporters close to agreeing on the background decision of stepping down.
The youth are calling for a massive march for tomorrow in regards of Ali Saleh's offensive speech to the female protesters.
Urgent: valid rebuttal to Saleh's accusation yesterday, Capital city, Sana'a stresses that the Ministry of oil has reduced the adoption of the capital from 58,000 gas cylinder per day to 10,000 gas cylinder per day.
Qatar Charity launches emergency relief for victims of recent events in Yemen. They are providing nutritional and medical support worth 3.5 million riyals.
France expresses concern about violence in Yemen.
Al-Wafa'a charity institution visits the families of the martyrs in Aden and provide them assistance.
Security forces attacked the female march in Sana'a and arrested 6 of the young men that were protecting the march. They attacked Mrs. Arwa Othman and confiscated her camera attacked Huda Al-Tas, Jamila Ali Raja, Wadad Al-Badawi and Sara Jamal. 
Dr. Saeed Noman interfers to release the 6 detainees from today's female march in Sana'a.
Faisal Ameen Aburas: "I swear by Almighty God, if I knew that President Saleh loves his country and his people, I would've stood as a guard at his door."
Female mass marches in Aden, Ibb, Hodiedh and Sana'a as a rejection to Saleh's speech.
Female mass march in Sana'a
A security source in the organizational committe in the Change Square in Sana'a: The arrest of a suspected gang of women with a photographer that follows them from Yemen National TV which aimed to interview the women inside of the Change Square spreading lies to say that they are getting harassed by the young people in the Square.
Ibb went out on a silent march
Opposition Delegation to Riyadh, led by Mohamed Salem Basendwah and membership Yasin Saeed Noman, and Abdul Wahab Al-Ansi & Sultan Al-Atawani and Sakhr Al-wajeeh
 Ibb female protesters reply to Ali Saleh's offensive Speech


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