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Friday, 29 April 2011

Leaked Documents- Monthly Payments by Ali Saleh!

Saleh, the one who distributed money and weapons in 1978 to become a Yemeni president, does the same thing today to remain a president forever.

Latest presidential orderes reveal some monthy large funds that were ordered by President Saleh during the last three months to Sheikh's, Military Leaders and Personalities that are in charge of the thugs and their acts against the youth in their peaceful revolutions that are demanding for the departure of Ali Saleh.
These funds vary form person to another according to the President. Kahlan Abu Shawarib & Noman Doweed are at the top of the list. First, Kahlan Abu Shawarib, Amran governor, who is a son of one of the most known Sheikhs in Yemen, he received 6 Million YER monthly since February, it was said to be distributed to Sheikhs of Dalyma, Haboor, Almadan and Shahara. In addition to another (additional) 8 Million YER to spend it on other Sheikhs in Hashid, of course its all used as an excuse.  
Noman Doweed, Sana'a governor, the personal fund that was appionted to him by the president does not only stop  at 3 Million YER but the president gave him a semi-open cheque.
 In third place comes Waleed Showeet where he recieves 2 Million YER per month since Febraury. Then comes Sheikh Mohsen Ali Al-Miqdad, son of a Ains Sheikh Ali Abdullah Al-Miqdad where he did not reach the million yet, but recieves 300 thousand YER monthly. President also appionted 200 thousand YER per month to Sheikh Mohammed Ahmad Hussien Jaroon by a presidential order number (1494), he is one of Al-Baydah's Sheikhs from a well known family.

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