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Saturday, 23 April 2011

GCC Plan -Google Translate in English and Arabic Original on Mareb Press
From Mareb Press

- Lead the solution that will result from this agreement to maintain the unity of Yemen and its security and stability.
- An agreement that meets the aspirations of the Yemeni people for change and reform.
- The transfer of power to be smooth and safe Yemen avoid slipping into anarchy and violence within the national consensus.
- To abide by all the parties to remove the elements of tension and political security
- To abide by all parties cease all forms of retaliation, prosecution and follow-through guarantees and pledges to give for this purpose.
Implementation steps:
- Since the first day of the agreement the president assigns the opposition to form a government of national unity by 50% each to form a government within a period not exceeding seven days from the date of the assignment.
- The problem the government is starting to provide the appropriate atmosphere to achieve national reconciliation and the removal of the elements of tension and political security.
- In the twenty-ninth day of the beginning of the agreement acknowledges the Council of Representatives, including the opposition, the laws that granted immunity against prosecution and judicial branches of the President and worked with him during his reign.
- On the thirtieth day from the beginning of the agreement and after the approval of the House of Representatives, including opposition to the law guarantees the Chair shall present his resignation to the House of Representatives and the Vice President is the legitimate president Acting after approval of the Council of Representatives on the President's resignation.
- Acting President calls for presidential elections within sixty days under the Constitution.
- A new president (here meaning the team) to a constitutional commission to oversee the preparation of a new constitution.
- Following the completion of the new Constitution, it is displayed to a referendum.
- Leave in the case of the constitution in the referendum is to set a timetable for new parliamentary elections under the provisions of the new constitution.
- In the wake of the elections the President will request the President of the party winning the largest number of votes to form a government.
- Be the GCC countries and the United States of America and the European Union bear witness to the implementation of this Agreement.
President of the Republic of Yemen Yemeni opposition
Witnesses: the Cooperation Council for Gulf Arab United States of America European Unio

مارب برس ينشر نص مشروع المبادرة الخليجية الجديدة لحل الأزمة اليمنية
السبت 23 إبريل-نيسان 2011 الساعة 12 صباحاً / مارب برس- صنعاء:

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