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Sunday, 17 April 2011

April 17th Updates- Sana'a Attack!

This is how demostic gas gets to people- only pro-Saleh supporters.
The journalists Abdullah Mohamed Bishr, head of Al Jemhur Establishment for press, and Adel Abdu Bishr, editor-in-chief of Al Jimhur weekly, and Yahya Al Abed, editor-in chief of Sawt Al Omal, sent a letter on Sunday to the general prosecutor and the security agencies to protect them from the alleged serious death threats.

“If you do not stop writing about Sheikh Abdul Majid Al Zandani, we will cut your head and hang it at the gate of Al Eyman university,” said the first threat to Abdullah Bishr on Satirday afternoon April 16th, 2011.

“You have three days ultimatum for apologizing to Sheihk Abdul Majid Al Zandani, or you will be headed, and this is not joke, we know your places and all your movements,” said the second the threats to Abdu Bishr And Yahya Al Abed, just minutes after the first threat on the same day.
Mass marches in Dhamar in rejection to the offensive speech by Ali Saleh. Thugs attack the march with rocks n live ammunition.
Huge demonstration in Ibb calling for the immediate departure of Ali Saleh.
Mass marches in Shabwa, Al-Bayda and Taiz against Ali Saleh's offensive speech on Friday. People in Taiz chanting, "Oh Ali you coward, the daughters of Yemen don't get insulted."
Arrest of 50 students graduated from the Technical Institute of Aviation and Air Defense during their presence in 70 Square to meet with Ali Saleh
Ibb females make a statment regarding Ali Saleh's speech yesterday in their march.
Injured in Dhamar are up to 10 until now due to live ammunition, rocks and toxic gas by security forces and regime thugs.
Ms. Hooria Mashhour- denies having signed the statement by the name of Civil Mass and says: We have agreed to address the issue internally and my potision is clear with the principles of the youth revolution of all stripes to overthrow the regime and to build a modern civil country that prevails law and justice.
Dhamar injuries are increasing to 15 protesters due to live ammunition & gas suffocation by security forces and thugs attack.

Al-Baydah City today.
Disappearance of journalist Mohammed Al-Mohammadi from Al-Seha magazine after luring him yesterday evening to a republican guard headquarters.
Dhamar City Protests today.
Regime thugs in Dhamar getting together to recieve weapons, batons and money to proceed with attacking the peaceful protesters.
 Hundreds of thousands in Ibb today.
Urgent: AlJazeera: Number of injured in Dhamar increased to 30 due to live ammunition and gas suffocation from security forces and thugs.
Basendwah the president of the Yemeni opposition deleagation says:

- We adhere to the previous GCC initative because the first item on it was the resignation of the President and the transfer of power to his deputy.
- We do not claim to represent the revolutionists in the different Squares in Yemen, and we support them and we try to get... the country out of the situation it is in together, and we will learn the point of view that is fully compatiable with the revolutionists.
- Our presence in Riyadh only happened because we set a rule that no governmental delegation should be here, and if we found any government officials or power officials, we were going to leave.
After insluting the female protesters on Friday, and instead of apologizing, President Saleh renews his insults today and describes the female protesters as a commodity to sell Al-Moshtarak party and to buy during elections.
Al-Arabia Channel photographers deny what Tariq Al-Shami, spokesman of Al-Motamar party has said regarding being assaulted by First Division Army troops or the youth protesters. They are also confused from broadcasting such rumors.
Mass march in the streets of Sana'a rejecting Ali Saleh's speech as well as calling for his immediate departure.
Huge demonstrations in Aden -Mansoura, Moala & Khormaksar-, Taiz, Sana'a, Hodeidah, Dhamar, Al-Baydah calling for the immediate departure of Ali Saleh and his coruppted regime as well as his trail.
Biggest female march in Taiz so far, over 100 thousand females protesting against Ali Saleh's speech and demanding his immediate departure.
SANA'A: Heavy gun fire and gas bombs thrown towards the protesters in Al-Jazayer street by security forces.
News of injuries due to live ammunition & gas suffocation, march stops in Al-Jazayer street
Snipers on rooftops shooting on protesters in Sana'a.
Field hospital in Change Square asking ALL ambulances to go to Algeria street to transfer wounded.
Injuries raise up to 10 protesters in Algeria St. in Sanaa right now.
Use of SEWAGE water on protesters in Al-Zubairi street right now in Sana'a.
Feild hospital in Sanaa:
Five live ammunition injuries, one very serious, some stabbing cases and tens of gas suffocation cases, ambulances still arriving.
Republican guards and central security preventing ambulances from transportin wounded protesters from Algeri St. -Fear of being kidnapped by those forces n thugs.
March heads back to Change Square from Algeri Street after being shot at and injuring tens of protesters.
Politicians: Ali Saleh is replying to the GCC initiative and the Riyadh meeting today by firing live bullets on the peaceful protesters in Sana'a.
Witnesses: Around 50 protesters have been injured by live ammunition & gas suffocation in Algeri St. in Sana'a today.
Arrests of some of the peaceful protesters in Sanaa by the central security forces.
AlJazeera: Injuries increase to 60 protesters by live ammunition & gas suffocation in Sanaa
Republican Guards kidnap protesters and deny access for ambulances to trasnport injured.. Protesters help injured into Al-Rahman Mosque where thugs AND Republican Guards are trying to break in to.

An ambulance rushing injured demonstrators to the small hospital at the change square in Sana'a. Tens, if not hundreds, were injured after security forces stopped them from rallying through some of Sana'a's streets.

Videos of Injuries in Sana'a today.

Live bullets aimed at neck, head and chest on the peaceful protesters in Sana'a today.
Sana'a: More than 100 gas suffocation cases, 10 live ammunition cases so far from the attacks on protesters in Sana'a by Republican Guards, Central Security and thugs.
Light blue mercedes plate number 3/6903 blocking an ambulance from picking up wounded in Algeria St. in Sana'a.
Al-Jazeera: around 200 protesters surrounded by security forces and thugs in Al-Rahman mosque in baghdad st. in Sana'a
A call of AID- Calling all doctors, nurses to go to field hospital and calling all pharmasists to provide medicaiton.
URGENT: Yemeni warplanes bombed a number of points in the area of Jada'an, road to Marib.
After marching for about 15 mins, protesters attacked by gas bombs in Algeri St. from the front and back, they were trapped. Republican gaurds and central security from the front and thugs from the back. The march was broken in half.
Some stabbing cases, Nerve gas on protesters causing horrible untreatable seizure in Sanaa field hospital.
‎50 cases of wounded protesters could not be transported to the hospital.
Hood Organization: Kidnap of young protesters to a camp infront of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Sanaa.
Wounded protesters in Al-Rahman Mosque are calling for aid! PLEASE HELP OUT!
Deputy director of Field hospital: Appeals to the society and organizations and everyone to come down to the streets of Baghdad and Algeria to protect ambulances and to rescue the wounded.
Dr. Tariq Noman, manager of field hospital in Change Square: tens of wounded by live bullets and hundreds of cases of gas suffocation- nerve gas
Dr. Yahya Al-Thawr from the field hospital calling ALL doctors and nurses to go to the field hospital to help out rescue the wounded because it is very difficult.
Injury toll increase in Sana'a:
20 cases of live ammunition, 210 cases of gas suffocation in field hospital now.
VERY bad nerve gas cases- untreatable by meds in hospitals, continious sezuires on peaceful protesters in Sana'a.
Among the injured in the field hospital, thugs and security forces recieving treatment, while over 50 protesters are trapped in Al-Rahman Mosque in Baghdad and Algerie st.
The opposition delegation begins the meeting with the foreign ministers of the GCC in Riyadh
Imam Al-Rahman Mosque, Sheikh Al-Hazmi: Security forces impose a security cardon on the mosque and surround about 40 wounded protesters inside. They are trying to break into the mosque and they are preventing ambulances from transporting the wounded to the field hospital. They are trying to extradite them to government ambulances which is an apparent case of kidnapping. After appealing the local communtiry for help, they responded to the call and came to protect the mosque and the injured.
Kidnapping some of the young injured protesters to Central Security Hosptail in Sana'a in front of Al-Khadra resturant.
‎30 cases that were trapped in AlRahman Hospital are getting help and transferred to the hospital, after community people helped protect the mosque, which led the security forces to back out.
Witnesses: Sheikh Fayez Al-Ojari with some other community members are helping out the injured from AlRahman mosque and transporting them on ambulances to the field hospital.
Witness: Men in civilan uniform from rooftops of buildings in Baghdad street at the strart throwing rocks at the peaceful protesters. Some of the protesters threw rocks back as a defense act. They ended up getting shot at by live bullets from one of the windows of the same building. Three young protesters were wounded by live ammunition on the scene. Then, sewage water was sprayed at the protesters. 51 wounded protesters were trapped in AlRahman Mosque.
Witness: The house that the protesters were getting attacked from is in Baghdad street, owned by one of the private guards for Ahmed Ali, Ali Saleh's son.
Wounded protesters, bleeding inside the shops being obstructed by the Republican Guard in Baghdad Street now in Sanaa.
Wounded in Field Hospital in Change Square of Sana'a
They were protesting peacefully started from Change Square and ended at Algeri street where Ahmed Ali's office is located at. The protesters were attacked by rocks throwed at them from rooftops of a house of one of the personal guards to Ali, called Sofan -As it was mentioned-. They were all guards in civilan uniforms. As an act of defence, the protesters threw back some of the rocks that hurt some of them in the head and shoulders. As a result of that, someone from the same house -Sofan's house- fired live bullets on the protesters from a window, where he injured three people in their legs. Seconds later, sewage water was used to disperse the protesters and then they threw some gas canister on the crowd. As the protesters were calling for help and trying to get the wounded protesters into the ambulances to the filed hospital, security forces blocked them from transporting the wounded. The protesters then took their fellow injured protesters to a nearby mosque called Al-Rahman Mosque. Republican guards, security forces and thugs surrounded the Mosque and wanted to break in take the injured in governmental ambulances -kidnap them-. They sent out an appeal for community members to help out. Sheikh Fayez Al-Ojari arrived with some other community members and they helped protect the Mosque, where security forces started backing out and that gave the community members a chance to rescue the wounded to ambulances and transport them to the field hospital; they were about 30 injured protesters. 
Al-Masdar Online: Sunday, April 17th attack resulted in: Two martyrs and 1500 cases of toxic gas, 30 cases of live ammunition, rocks and run over by military cars. This attack was carried out by the central security forces, republican guards and regime thugs on the peaceful protesters during a march in Algeria St in Sana'a, in front of the office of Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh -president's son- commander of the republican guards.

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